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Saturday 29 July 2017

Avon & FM Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

Avon &  FM  Eyeshadows Review
fm avon

I'm sure  everyone knows Avon brand cosmetics and probably used some of them. Of course, companies like this are much more, those that don't have own stationary stores but you have to choose products online or using the catalog. I recently discovered Fm and I bought some things to compare, and I don't understand why it's unknown, not popular at all

paletki avon

I picked up the three pallets and one creamy shade with brush. Mocha palette  I bought many years ago and it's still my favorite with brown shades that's why I wanted to test others and see if they would be so great. Unfortunately the rest is a total shit!
They have a dry formula, apply patchy, crumbly and rolling very fast on the eye.😒 These are  the worse eyeshadows I ever used !

Mocha Latte 
Mocha Latte  avon

Mod Gold 
Mod Gold

Emerald Cut
Emerald Cut avon

Soft Mint 
Soft Mint  avon

FM World
fm cienie

fm duo eyeshadows

All shadows are very pigmented, don't crumbles and they surprised me very much. They are very easy in the application and easy to blending, don't roll on the eyelid collapse, keep up long time . Their big disadvantage is accessibility and some products are expensive. With their eye shadow I am extremely happy and I'm joy to use them.The only thing I don't like is that all the packages are the same and to find the color you want, you have to open them all or check names.

Green Galaxy Golden Dust
  fm galaxy swatche
Moss Green Butterfly Blue Carmine Red Dark Violet  Desert Sand 
fm swatches

Sandy Emerald 
I apologize for the condition of these shadows but they fell down and crumpled
Sandy Emerald  fm

Volcanic Brown 
Volcanic Brown  fm

Blur Burgundy 
Blur Burgundy  fm
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I hope you enjoy💞💞

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