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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Cannabis In The Beauty World

Cannabis In The Beauty World

Today's topic may be quite controversial for some of you, but I am not responsible for what ingredients or design are becoming popular. We can't deny that in new skin care or make-up releases, cannabis products dominate in last around year and half, so we will do a quick review of what you can currently find in stores.


Make-up should bring joy, inspire and I have nothing against this type of packaging. When it comes to eyeshadows the most important factor for me is the quality and color story, not the patterns embossed on the pan however, in the case of this type of controversial topics, even if the product is great, it will not be accepted by professionals and will not get such publicity that deserves, that's why indie brands more focus on this trend.

milk makeup hemp

milani cannabis

cannabis eyeshadow palettes
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Revolution cannabis

nyx cannabis

cannabis mascaras
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makeup obsession cannabis

essence cannabis

cannabis makeup
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melt cannabis

pure cannabis

Links: Milk Makeup  Milani  Revolution  Nyx  Makeup Obsession  Essence  Melt  Pure


cannabis makeup Accessories

Skin care

Hemp and cbd oil is quite a new ingredient mainly due to the legal aspect in the skin care, so so far there is no confirmed research how truly can effect on our skin. So far we only known that helps moisturize, soothe and has anti-aging properties, but we can't rely that is actually better than more popular ingredients known to us so far, it will takes time when it will be scientifically supported. I have never used any cosmetics containing this ingredients but I don't say no, maybe I will be try in the future.

cannabis in the skin care

avon cannabis

Dermaquest cannabis

the body shop cannabis

CBD oil Shampoo and conditioners
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derma e cannabis

elf cannabis

hemp face skin care

cbd hemp serums
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the best cannabis cosmetics

Revolution Skin care cannabis

Links:  Avon From £6 To £15, Dermaquest From $55 To $120, The Body Shop From £4.50 To £25, Dermae From $14.95 To $22.95, Elf From £5 To £37Dr. Botanicals From £16 To £22, Naturally G4u From $9.99 To $29.99, Revolution Skin Care From £5 To £12

Candles & Perfumes

You can find not only cannabis in makeup and skin care but even perfumes and candles with this fragrance are produced. I don't know if to be honest if I would like that smell to float in my house or on my body hehe. I wonder how will be reacted my co-workers to such perfumes scent at work.😆

cannabis candles

cannabis perfume
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What do you think of hemp and cbd oil, do you believe in its beneficial effect on the skin?
Would you buy makeup with this design / pattern or is it too much for you?


  1. I've noticed more CBD infused beauty products. I received the Derma E CBD products in PR and the products are pretty just for stressed skin.

  2. Não tenho nada contra!...
    Nem me passava pela cabeça que houvesse tantos produtos relacionados com tal!...
    Adorei o post! Com imensas novidades, para prestar atenção!
    Beijinhos! Continuação de uma boa semana!

  3. Hi! I tried a facial oil and I liked it.
    Thanks for sharing all those products. Have a nice day!

  4. That's really interesting, thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I want to try skincare with CBD oil in it, I am not sure my work colleagues would be impressed if I wore the perfume though hehe.

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

  6. Thanks for information! A kiss

  7. Hi!

    Cannabis revolution hahahaha

    Celia | 1000 LIBROS blog.

  8. Very interesting post.


  9. beautiful cosmetics and great brands

  10. I had no idea there were so many cannabis related beauty products around! I have a hemp hand cream, which is so good! It leaves my hands really soft and moisturised. I think I'd try all of the products except for the perfume! ;) XXX

  11. I use the CDB Vital Premium eye cream with CBD and organic hemp oil everyday. I have heard a lot about the essence High Beauty collection. Maybe I'll buy the Revolution Palette chilled with cannabis sativa. Regards :)

  12. I never actually experienced anything.

  13. It seems to be everywhere! :-D

  14. SO much interesting pots, so great products.


  15. Oh so interesting collections darling

  16. Pra mim é uma surpresa.


  17. I didn't know that so many products have cannabis like a ingredient. Thank you so much for sharing this informative post.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/06/kerastase-resistance-ciment-thermique.html

  18. Szczerze przyznam że jakoś mnie ten olej konopny nie przekonuje ,mimo wielu pozytywnych opinii na jego temat
    Nie wiedziałam że może on być także w świecach zapachowych

  19. Zrobiłam sobie ostatnio maseczkę z olejem konopnym i byłam zadowolona z jej efektów :)

  20. Very interesting topic. As for the marijuana packaging on make up, I can't say that I like it, as it seems to promote using it as a drug. I don't have anything that CBC oil being used in beauty products as I do believe it might have some healing properties. As you said, we need more research.

  21. I have not tried any cosmetic with cannabis but if they catch my attention

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