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→Blog cooperation←

Do you think my blog and your brand will make a good match? I am open for blog cooperation with the right brands and companies.

I am a serious and professional blogger, and I will always present your brand in an authentic, personal and professional way.
I offer sponsored post, affiliate, advertisement and styling – and of course also a combination of those four. Blog cooperations will always be clearly marked.
Regardless of how we cooperate I will always reserve the right to editorial freedom. I know my readers and all content on my blog needs to be authentic and come from my point of view.
If you are interested in cooperation I invite you to email contact windowtothebeauty@gmail.com


  1. Olá!
    Por vezes também compro maquilhagem na farmácia.💙
    Beijinhos viajantes.🌹
    Megy Maia🌈

  2. hello sis, I am the owner of sepatukusam.com, would you like to exchange the blogroll link in the footer as a blog partner