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Friday 21 July 2017

Rimmel Lip Lacquer Apocalips

Rimmel Lip Lacquer Apocalips 

Now look at shop offers and they are not there. Have they been withdrawn?
 You can still buy them at the drugstore for a very small price so maybe someone is thinking about buying and it will be useful this post. I have two colors Nude Eclipse and Celestial and I noticed that they are very different from each other given the quality. The applicator is very comfortable and easy to apply. The smell is ok, but a little chemical.

600 Nude Eclipse
Rimmel Lip Lacquer Apocalips

I had hoped it would be cool nude shade but this just makes me look like I put concealer on my lips. Looks unhealthy, deathly. Pigmentation a bit weak, creates a lot of smudges and dry out lips.

Rimmel Lip Lacquer Apocalips

This shade is definitely better! Pigmentation is really cool. After one pull we have pretty color on the lips. Holds up to a few hours on the lips, it doesn't dry so much. 

rimmel lipsticks swatches

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