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Sunday 20 August 2017

6 Rules Of Good Make-Up

The Basis For Achieve Good Make-up

     1. Precision and Blending
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To make makeup looks beautifully it needs precision and experience. Of course, at the beginning no one did perfect make-up,
that's why a cool option can be mapping tutorials or photos from the internet. The most important is to master the perfect of blending.

      2. Skin Care
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There is no beautiful make-up without skin care. On face with dry skin, pimples other imperfections, it is harder to work and the effect is not so spectacular.

     3 .Hiding Imperfections
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A lot of girls to cover the pimples or imperfections use a lot of foundation and concealer whats creates a mask effect, the skin is overloaded and everything what we want to hide is even more visible! Very often better to leave a little visible imperfections and look naturally than use tones of cosmetics which more expose the structure of the skin. 

      4. Cream

We always have to use cream under the make-up to care for our skin or use as a primer. Thanks to the appropriate cream we can also hide our defects likes shine in the T zone, extended pores, enlarged blood vessels or dry skins. 

      5. Tools
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania podstawowe pędzle do makijażu
Using the attached to the pallets brushes or sponges we will never be able to make a professional look make-up. Of course we don't need to spend a lot of money and have a hundreds brushes if we don't work as a make-up artist but have to supply in  basic brushes like powder, blending, smudger, eye shadow, angle, foundation or beauty blender. 

      6. Suitable cosmetics / Type of skin
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania porazki makijażoweZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania porazki makijażowe

To make our make-up perfect, we need to use cosmetics that suit our skin type. If we have oily skin and we use a radiant glow finish foundation after a short while we will look as we had smeared face by the butter or dry skin would wear strongly matte cosmetics will expose all dry places and create crusts. We have to look at the needs of our skin, don't blindly buy or using everything what is trendy. 

I hope you enjoyed it😊💞

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