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Tuesday 22 August 2017


Unfortunately, I have again products that were irrelevant purchase. 
Of course, remember that If I don't like these products  doesn't mean that you will love them and use with pleasure. Each of us has different expectations, skin and preferences.

1. Morphe M441 Brush

morphe m441

This brush is designed for precision blending crease, made of goat bristle. For me the biggest drawback is that it is very rough even prickly😞. I don't use it practically at all because I prefer to reaching for something soft, gentle what makes a make-up a pleasure, not a pain. As for blending the shadows, it is much better to do it with the Zoeva brush.

2.  Versace   'Woman' eau de toilette

I got them from my fiancée as a gift and I am unfortunately very disappointed. The scent is very nice feminine, floral and fresh but not lasting. It is not cheap perfume because it costs around £60 so I expect more for that price. Perfumes from Avon are able to keep a full day on my body and clothes but  this from Versace I don't feel ( and other people ) on me  after 2 hours. Not worth the attention and spending money!

3. No7 Lovely Lips Lip Balm Deep Raspberry

lip balm raspberry

As the manufacturer promises should lips are left feeling comfortable soft and smooth, even at the end of the day what unfortunately doesn't do. The color is unevenly and quickly descends from the mouth. I think there are many better products for this price

Maybe you used one of the mentioned cosmetics?
 If yes, please write me down below what do you think about them? 
Regards! ❤💝

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