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Sunday 10 September 2017

Everything About Glitter / Pigments

Everything About Glitter / Pigments 

I think each one of you who loves makeup, parties, glam and everything what's shining used at least once glitter. Many of us, however, don't know how to apply it or which one to choose.
In today's post you will find out how I use it ? how to buy cheap one and have a spectacular effect? And also an example of their use.  So check this out 👍💃💖

Which glitter to buy?

Of course there is a huge selection of pigments on the market. They have it in their offer brands like Mac for around £10, Nyx for around £5.50, MakeupGeek for around £7, Inglot for around £13 and many others. Of course you can buy one of them but for me they are quite expensive and we use it rather occasionally,that's why I choose the whole set of 12 loose glitters for £2.86 on Ebay.

You can use anywhere you want!

Glitter has a lot of uses. You can decorate your nails, makeup, body and craft.
In makeup you can not only use it for eyelids but also lips. You want to have an original look at the party? Put on a lipstick glitter in some crazy color and it's ready❣
Let the magic happen:d

How to apply it?

cheap glitter primer

As the first step, apply eyeshadows or lipstick to avoid later clearances. Then I apply my favorite Nyx glitter primer and when I have it all over the surface, I use a finger gently pressing
 to put the glitter. No matter how you gonna try and what pigment you use always some pieces will fall. That's why I recommend the rest makeup to finish later! Everything that went down you can clean by adhesive tape or facial wipes.

I hope it was helpful for you💞
Makeup with glitter will appear in the next post

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