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Friday 15 September 2017

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation Review

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation Review

Let's find out what is the next foundation which I recently took to check.

From Producer

Why You'll Love It
Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin
Ideal for normal skin
Oil-free, fragrance-free, Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone 

Wide range of colors 

Quick and easy to apply
It looks very natural, without ,,mask'' effect
Light formula
Doesn't emphasize dry patches
Slightly reduces pores

⛔Light coverage

⛔Very quickly wipes off from the face
⛔A little cakey
⛔Holds intact 3h, later wipe off from  the chin, nose and shines in the T zone

Maybelline concealer swatches

Summary :   3.5 / 6

The foundation which is not my favorite but I didn't hate him as well. I would say that is average. I am very pleased that pores are minimized but how it looks like after a few hours is unacceptable ! What is the point of making a beautiful makeup if  in 3 hours the foundation will be wipes and cakey?  I will never buy it again.  

If you have a suggestion of what foundation I have to do review write below↓👇💘


  1. Satin Liquid is a very rare cream and you will be a lucky person, if you find it in a store. Most of people order it via Internet.

    1. Maybe it depends on the country, in UK is quite easily accessible: **