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Friday 29 September 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites August & September 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites  August & September 2017

In this post we will talk about all the things that I liked and what inspired me in the previous months, except cosmetics. I invite you to read. 😙

Game of Thrones Season 7

I don't think I have to introduce this series to anyone. Absolutely the best ! ❤💕 What do you think about the new season? For me, it was great, kept in tension and John Snow mmm.  💕💕 Now it's just a long wait for the next season what annoys me so much. 

The 100

The series we began to watch because we were recommended by my fiance friend and really hooked me up. Last Saturday we spent 6 hours watching this show so we really loved😮. For anyone who doesn't like movies about space, Sci-fi I still recommend it because the whole story is about something else. Really good !!

Original Henry Hoover
henry 200

I know this is an unusual favorite but for anyone who has a pet, knows how important the strong vacuum is. Before him I had 4 other vacuum cleaners which after about two months stopped pulling hay and fur. This one works like a dream ! It's not cheap because it costs around £100 but it's really worth it! Its extra plus beyond the power is a very long cable so I can vacuum the ground floor and upstairs without changing the socket. I recommend especially for any pets owner. 

Green Tea With Quince and Green Tea With Jasmine

Autumn is coming so good time to warm up by  hot tea. I am a big lovers of green tea and herbs. This month I especially liked these two flavors. 🌂☁

And what are your favorite on this month?
Please let me know below👇💜

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