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Wednesday 27 September 2017

September Favorites 2017

Hey everyone, 
Today's post in the series which I like the most so favorites of the month. Surely everyone knows what this is all about but if not, these are the products that I most used and liked in the previous month, so let's get started ! 😊

Nyx Glitter Primer 

Love love love💔 ! Great cosmetic that can be used to glue pigments or worse quality foiled eyeshadows. Extends their durability and increases pigmentation. I think for every makeup maniac is an absolute must have. 💋👌

Juvia's  Place Masquerade Palette

Of course, this palette had to be in the favorites. I created a lot of makeups by using this palette what you could see on the blog and instagram. If you are intresting the review and swatches already appeared before,  just click on the link →→Link←←

Tea Tree oil

This month I had a lot of skin problems:(. One time allergy than next insect bites, a real nightmare.😠 Everything was itches terribly and I had a lot of red bubbles but with the help came this wonderful oil. How I used it I described it earlier →→Link←←, tea tree oil is wonderful for any kind of skin problems even acne. 

Essence Stay All Day 16h Foundation 

On this month I definitely had this foundation most often on my face. It is very cheap, long lasting and looks beautiful! What more could you want?😊

Catrice eyebrow set

My definately favorite eyebrow set. Super filling all the gaps, gives you a natural effect and is very easy in the application. Costs around £5 so worth a try. 

And what are your favorite cosmetics on this month?
Please let me know below👇💜

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