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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
rimmel konturowanie

Hi everyone, do you like the wet contouring? 
Today a few words about one of these cosmetics, I invite you to read😃

Rimmel Stick contains a cream bronzer on one side and on the second highliter. Contouring, browning on wet is the favorite method of many of us because this is easy, no additional tools required except beauty blender. As most of us know cream, liquid consistency works better together. According to this principle the bronzer in the cream will be more durable and better merged with the foundation than pressed as well as highliter. 
Now a few words about this specific cosmetic. His undoubted advantage is fast and easy application. without any smudges. 
Only need to patting precisely a few minute by beauty blender to enjoy the beautiful sunburned cheeks. You can get it in store in three color variants light, medium and dark. I have my in light color and honestly I regret that  I didn't buy a darker one because it gives very subtle, delicate effect on my skin.

rimmel bronzer swatch

Would be fits better for someone with pale skin. 
As I mentioned earlier the second tip contains highliter which for me is not hit. 
Gives the skin a soft glow that will not work as a cheek highliter, more as a eyeshadow under the eyebrow. 

rimmel highliter swatch

Summarize would I buy this cosmetic again? 
Probably not, I prefer try something else. 
I think if this contour stick on the both sides had different bronzers, it would be much more worth attention.

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