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Saturday 4 November 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites October 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites October 2017

In this post we will talk about all the things that I liked and what inspired me in the previous month, except cosmetics. I invite you to read. 😙

1. Mali Satter

If you are going to an Indian or a Bangladeshi restaurant you must try this dish! Heaven in mouth💗. It is served with naan bread, fried mushrooms, meat mix <chicken with lamb> and the whole is complemented by a delicate, spicy tomato sauce. It is really delicious mm.😍

2. Music

I do not know why but I forgot that in this category may also be songs. This songs stole my heart and we all the time listen them in car.

3.TV series

Devious Maids

If you're a fan of  Desperate Housewives this series is for you. Talks about a group of 4 friends and their adventures. This is not an ambitious movie but you can laugh and relax😎

Stranger Things

Extraordinary! Serial a little scary with the supernatural creatures. Overall I don't like fantasy but I love it, every episode I watch with curiosity.

4. Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray

If your pets catch fleas, it will be salvation for your home. Effectively kills fleas and prevents them from spreading. Just close hermetically the room and turn on the spray, after 4 hours we thoroughly ventilate and we can enjoy a flea-free home. Works much better than sprays or powders. 


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