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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Everything about The Beauty Blender

Everything about The Beauty Blender
The Beauty Blender sponge

Currently are available on the market a lot of sponge to apply foundation so much loved by many of us. 
Today I will share with you my best sponges and shapes. 

The Beauty Blender

Since I bought my first sponge I'll admit sincerely I can not imagine my makeup routine without her. Perfectly applies foundation on face gives natural, bright effect and is very hygienic. What are its disadvantages? Undoubtedly, it's vitality. With everyday use we have to buy a new one every few months, because starts to crack, splitting and does not give the same effect. Another downside for many people may be daily washing and soaking what for me personally is good because I know it's free of bacterias. 

The Beauty Blender shapes

We have a choice of many different sponge shapes like classic egg, hourglass etc. I honestly bought them out of pure curiosity, is there any difference and definitely is! 
The original shape of the egg is very comfortable to apply foundation in slightly problematic places like nose or under the eyes which  the other shapes could not to deal with. As soon as I buy a new invention, I return so quickly to my favorite beauty blender. 


Always with the appearance of an innovative product, counterfeits also begin to appear. As for the sponges, it is very important not to buy anything that is sent from China because they are very stiff, they don't absorb water and foundation application is not possible. It is just a waste of money. So far, I found only one counterfeit which was not worse than the original, namely a black sponge ,,beauty blender" from ebay. Even if in the title of the auction is original, do not be deceived please because if in the store cost the original £16, it is impossible to buy the same for £3. A lot of people when it comes to auctions is very naïve, even in my work I have a friend who thinks that the perfume that she buys for 15 is the original Dior.😂 

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