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Friday 8 December 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites November 2017

Non-cosmetic Favorites November 2017

This month I have only two non-cosmetic favorites but I had to mention you about some series ,which made a huge impression on me. 

1.The Handmaid’s Tale

The series is totally different than any other which makes a big impression and forces you to reflection. It is not light and pleasant, more dirty morally and brutal. Currently, unfortunately it has only 1 season but it is really worth watching.

2. Bon Appetit French Marble Brioche with Vanilla

After the first piece, I  fell in love. It's  an ordinary cake with vanilla but it's so delicious. Ideally suits to coffee, tea or as an addition to yogurt. You can find in Lidl for £1.60

And what are your favorites on this month?
Are you watched this series?
Please let me know😊👇

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