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Wednesday 27 December 2017

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review
podkład Rimmel Match Perfection

This is probably one of the most popular foundations available on the market. I used it a few years ago and I remember that I was happy that's why I decided to see how it will work after years when my knowledge about the foundations is bigger and the expectations higher.

From Producer

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation. Invisible, mistake-proof foundation for visibly perfected & healthier looking skin.
Weightless, smooth texture blends with skins real tone instead of masking it.
24HR moisture complex leaves skin feeling hydrated. Soft-focus powers help reduce imperfections, pores & dark circles. SPF 20 Dermatologist tested.

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

✅Medium coverage
✅It has a very pleasant scent like a face cream
✅Satin finish in which the skin is not sticky, doesn't shine so much
✅It gives a wonderful feeling of moisturized skin
✅It looks very natural, without ,,mask'' effect
✅Comfortable on the skin, very light formula
Makes you feel like you will have a cream on your face not a foundation
✅The skin looks healthy, radiantly
✅Doesn't emphasize dry patches
✅Price, it is often on promotion for £6
✅Quick and easy to apply
✅It doesn't oxidize
✅Perfect for mixing with other foundations

⛔Definitely more suitable for colder months, in summer at high temperature, the skin would look quickly greasy 
Holds intact 5h. latewipe off from the chin, nose and shines into the T zone 
⛔Inefficient because it has a very liquid consistency
⛔Not buildable
⛔Emphasizes the pores and skin texture

Rimmel Match Perfection 100 ivory swatches

Rimmel Match Perfection vs Revlon Candid

Summary : 5 / 6

I'm really shocked. I remembered that I liked this foundation but I did not think that it would looks so nice and healthy. I would definitely recommend it more for dry, normal and combination skin, I think that with oily will be shining very quickly and didn't look good. Definitely a great foundation for a small price, I sincerely recommend it❣


  1. Rimmel is not one of my favourite brands. Although, I know many people, who adore it so much. Different people have different tastes.

    1. This is how it is, everyone has different preferences and skin:** What's your favorite foundation?😘😘