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Wednesday 10 January 2018

Iconic London Brushes / Complete Eye Set

Iconic London Brushes / Complete Eye Set
Iconic London brushes

Today I would like to make review for you Iconic London brushes that resemble the appearance of Zoeva. On the internet I have not found too many reviews about them, so I hope that the post will be useful for you. Let's find out are they just as great at work.

Iconic London is not a very popular brand, so I'm even more happy to discover it. The brushes come to us packed in an elegant black case that looks like a wallet at first sight. Certainly it will work great as a stylish cosmetics bag to the purse or on the trip. 

Iconic London bag

The set costs £ 40 and includes 7 eye brushes which are made from the highest quality synthetic hair. The brushes from this company look very similar to Zoeva but they differ in a very important thing, namely the shank of these brushes are made of rubber material so that they are more comfortable in the hand and don't slip. For the first time I have been in contact with such made handles and to be honest I am delighted. 

1. Tapered Blending Brush
Tapered Blending Brush

Very soft brush which you can easily blend eyeshadows, but Zoeva 228 is still my favorite. The advantage of this brush is dark bristles that don't change color after applying red, green, etc. shadows.

Destination from manufacturer: for further blend in the crease

2. Small Angle Brush
Small Angle Brush

This is the most precise eyebrow brush I have. Its huge plus is a stiff, sharp finish thanks to which we can quickly and thoroughly clean the area under the eyebrow. Working with him is a pure pleasure

Destination from manufacturer: to create precise lines 

3. Eyeliner Brush
Eyeliner Brush

I was looking for such a brush size for a long time to made cat crease or more precise lines. It is narrower than Zoeva 240, therefore it is easier to work with him. My next favorite. 

Destination from manufacturer: to create smooth and even lines

4. Medium Angled Shader
Medium Angled Shader

Brush extremely soft, the bristles are arranged obliquely. I really like to use it to emphasize the lower eyelid. 

Destination from manufacturer: for brow highlighting or crease blending

5. Pencil Brush
Pencil Brush

I love this brush! Ideally suited to illuminate the corner of the eye or highlight the lower eyelid. I use it practically to every make-up

Destination from manufacturer: to soften and smoke out lines

6. Large Shader
Large Shader

This is probably the least used by me brush from this set because for me it's a bit too big. It is not suitable for precise application, more to emphasize the eyelid with the only shade.

Destination from manufacturer: to uniformly cover lids

7. Eye Shader
Eye Shader

A very useful brush for applying eyeshades in every make-up. This is a classic must have to emphasize the eyelid.

Destination from manufacturer: for more precise placemen

iconic london opinion

Summing up, I highly recommend the whole set because working with these brushes is pure pleasure. They are extremely soft, precise and these wonderful rubber handles ...😮😍Earlier, somehow I couldn't convince myself to a systhetic bristle but I love these brushes. 
Are they better than Zoeva? I think that in terms of the production quality are better, however, many of my favorite models still come from Zoeva. If you are able to financially allow the purchase of both sets, it would be the best solution: have good quality natural and synthetic brushes. 
Only pity that Iconic London in its offer doesn't have too many sets and models to choose from. 

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