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Saturday 6 January 2018

Non-cosmetic Favorites 2017

In this post we will talk about all the things that I liked and which inspired me in the previous month, except cosmetics. I invite you to read. 😙

1. Blog

On this year I created  my blog which is my huge favorite. It makes me happy to write posts, make make-ups and the fact that it already has 8,000 views which is a great surprise and distinction for me. I hope that next year you will also be with me and the blog will develop.

2. My dog Sheila

This is the first year in which we have our dog. Sheila is a German shepherd with a black coat color. She is extremely clever, energetic and loves to spend time playing.  Gives us a lot of joy and laughter. She became our best friend and member of the family.

3.TV series

Together with my fiancé we saw many series on this year. I think that the best are Game of Thrones season 7, Prison Break, Stranger Things and The Handmaid's Tale . I strongly recommend seeing all of them.

What are your favorites on this year?
Are you watched this series?
Please let me know😊👇

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