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Monday 15 January 2018

Top Eyeshadows From Makeup Geek

Top Eyeshadows From Makeup Geek
makeup geek eyeshadow

If you reading my posts or follow my make-ups, you know for sure that I am a big fan of Mug's eyeshadows. In my collection I have 28 shades but today I would like to stand out my favorite top 5. I think it will be a helpful post for everyone who would like to start the adventure with these eyeshades or plan to buy them.

Creme brulee
Creme brulee MUG

Creme brulee MUG SWATCH

Matt brown in a warm tone that sensationally work to mark the space over the break of the eyelid. It's very easy to blend and apply. I use it in most of the make-ups.



Gold duochrom which in the reflection of the light shines on green. It looks very impressive, just use any for example bronze eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye and put on the rest of the eyelid Karma to have a beautiful, unique makeup.

In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight MAKEUP GEEK

In The Spotlight MUG

A wonderful peach metallic that will be loved by all those who prefer a delicate daily make-up. I often reach for him in the summer, when I prefer light, girly, luminous make-up. Ideally looks superimposed on the entire eyelid or to illuminate the inner corner of the eye. If you prefer a more golden tones Shimma Shimma gives a similar effect.

shimma shimma mug

shimma shimma swatch mug

Cherry Cola 
Cherry Cola  MUG

Cherry Cola  MUG SWATCH

Dark matt brown with burgundy undertones, which is looking good used for underlining the lower eyelid, outer corner of the eye or to create a smoky effect. Ideally looks in combination with pink, gold, red, green, purple, in fact with many colors. This is a great alternative for any fan of brown shades.

Cocoa bear
Cocoa bear MUG

Cocoa bear MUG SWATCH

A wonderful warm matt brown, which is currently extremely fashionable. It looks wonderfully combined with orange, red, gold with such warm tones. I usually apply it to emphasize the lower eyelid or to build the upper eyelid. For someone who likes more delicate makeup can be too dark then a better choice would be Frappe. My ideal combination is coca bear with Karma or In The spotlight, I often wear such makeups.


Swatches without a base!

Of course there are many other shades which I often use and I really like but I chose the most functional, useful ones that are my must have. I highly recommend getting interested in these shadows because they are of great quality for a relatively low price compared to single eyeshadows pans from Mac or Juvia's Place.

Do you like eyeshadows from Makeup Geek?
What are your favorite shades👇😍

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