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Wednesday 24 January 2018


Sometimes we all buy products from which we are not satisfied and disappoint of our expectations or promises of the manufacturer. 
Today I would like to say a few words about such cosmetics.
I will be a little bit  grumble again😝

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner The Silky Smoother with Vanilla Milk & Papaya
Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner The Silky Smoother with Vanilla Milk & Papaya

Hair conditioner whose main purpose is to smooth our hair, but after long use I didn't notice any difference. It has a very intense sweet smell, which after a few minutes becomes stifling, nauseating definitely is not my fragrance note.

Bourjois Paris Ombre Eyeshadow 
Bourjois Paris Ombre Eyeshadow

Bourjois Paris Ombre Eyeshadow  swatches

I have no idea why these shadows were once so popular and iconic. Their pigmentation is practically zero, they can be added and added and you can't see anything on your eyelid. They cost £ 7 for which you could buy something much better quality. The only thing I like about them is the packaging so definitely not enough to buy them again.

Avon Diamond Sparkle Shimmer Face Pearls
Avon Diamond Sparkle  Pearls

The next cosmetic from Avon, which didn't please me. The product has a very nice elegant packaging, in the middle the brightening balls are secured by sponge however, they are not completely visible on the face. The pigmentation is so weak that it is not even suitable for illuminating the eyebrow or the inner corner of the eye. As for me, Avon produces great perfumes but makeup cosmetics are of very poor quality.

Maybe you used one of the mentioned cosmetics? 
If yes, please write me down below what do you think about them?😊 

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