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Sunday 11 February 2018

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%
The Ordinary Vitamin C

The ordinary brand is very popular in the beauty world because they have a wide range of cosmetics for skin care at affordable prices. It's so far the second product that I tested from them too, let's find out whether it will turn out to be miss like a coverage foundation or a hit.

I was tempted by this product because vitamin C has e.g a brightening effect, soothes irritations and it seemed to me that this is what my skin needs. It has a very simple gray and white graphic design as befits the brand The ordinary, what I am a huge fan because I associate with such hand-made, pharmacy preparations and probably thanks to that they can afford such low prices. Costs about £ 5 for 30ml in online stores.
As for the cosmetic itself, unfortunately I'm not happy and right away I'm telling you why. 

vitamin c in cosmetics

During its application, we can feel a slight tingling sensation from which the manufacturer warns us on the packaging. I noticed that with the passage of time, this unpleasant feeling diminishes, so the skin will probably gets used to it. In taste when we lick the lips is very strongly lemon. Unfortunately, I don't recommend this cosmetic, because I noticed that after using I always have pimples on my face, so probably some ingredient is clogging my skins. My skin is quite sensitive and prone to clogging, so if you do not have such problems, maybe this cosmetic will be works good for you. 

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

After giving him a lot of chances and trying to use, it's a missed product because instead of improve my skin appearance it only aggravates her condition, so I certainly will not buy it again. What a pity that this is another cosmetic of this brand that I totally don't liked and to be honest I don't want to buy, try anything more.

Do you like cosmetics from The Ordinary?
Have a nice weekend! 😗

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