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Thursday 31 May 2018

Nabla Soul Blooming Palette

Nabla Soul Blooming Palette
Nabla Soul Blooming Palette opinion

The Soul Blooming palette is the latest product from the Nabla brand, which quickly became popular due to the eye-catching design and range of colors. I admit honestly I hesitated for a long time whether I need it but the inside me make-up maniac won.

nabla palette review

An Italian indie brand Nabla it seems to me that it has been on the market only for a few years but I couldn't find any information on the internet. It gained its popularity mainly due to influencers advertising and cosmetics that kept up with trends. Their latest release Soul Blooming palette contains 12 shades of which 6 with matt finish and 6 foil (3 duochromes).
It costs £32.50 for 12 x around 1g ,so it's in an affordable price range. 
Has a beautiful cardboard packaging with a large mirror in flowers designs, which looks mega springy and girlish. It's quite small, so ideally suited as a travel palette.

Soul Blooming Palette

nabla opinion

As you can see on the swatches the shadows are sensational pigmented and make a spectacular effect. Just a small amount is enough to get a intense color.

Matte shadows applying without any problem and blend beautifully, while most foils especially Honey Drip shade are best put on glitter glue or primer to stick into the eyelid. They are very soft in consistency thanks to they falling out on a negligible extent. Foils are much better work apply by your finger.

Can stay without correction even 12h based on concealer, after this time slightly start to roll but not terribly

Certainly it's a more palette for people who like to stand out with their makeup because with these duochrome foils it's impossible to pass unnoticed. You can use this palette to make a full look for both day and evening. To create a variety of different make-ups and don't limit yourself, we should also have other single shades or palettes in our collection. By juxtaposing them, combining with other color options we will take full advantage of the potential of all the shadows and their possibilities.

Foils Applied On Nyx Glitter Primer !
Nabla Soul Blooming swatches

Soul Blooming swatches

nabla swatches

Summing up, I can truly recommend this palette and I know that I will often reach for it because is definitely my color scheme. I am glad that finally some company has realesed something with unique finishes and shades than only warm browns and oranges. The palette has a very good quality and I like working with it, so I think that if you decide to buy you will not regret.
According to me, it's multifunctional palette because shadows like Anemone, Garcon or Garden Gate can be used also to make line instead of eyeliners which will look spectacularly and Philosophy to illuminate the inner corner of the eye.
Certainly the ideas for using this palette are many, you just have to want and have some imagination.

If you are interested what makeups you can create with it
 certainly such a post will appear soon on blog😍😊.


  1. I love that shade flowery! It's the perfect color of soft light blue/grey/lavender.

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com