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Sunday 17 June 2018

Makeup Organizers

Makeup Organizers
how to store your makeup

Do you value just as much as I do tidiness both in the closet with clothes and cosmetics?
 Today's fast will be devoted to a simple way to keep your entire cosmetics collection in check. I invite you to read!

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As a holder of quite a lot of cosmetics honestly very often I  forget what I have. As a result, many products lie unused and only collect dust or I am buying something new without realizing that simmilar is already in my collection.
Therefore I decided to buy transparent organizers to always have everything under my hands and use more of a variety of cosmetics. You can find them in many stores such as tkmaxx or wilko but I personally recommend more eBay or Asian websites, because you can't see the difference beyond the price. They are available in various shapes and sizes,so everyone will find something suitable for their needs. Prices vary from £1 to even £100 depending on the model. As you can see on the pictures I currently have one for the brushes, for the lipsticks and the third one for many different cosmetics and sizes. In the future I will certainly buy some more because they are practical and comfortable.

Earlier it made me nervous that always when I was in a hurry I couldn't find a eyebrows brush or for bronzer, that's why I started to get interested in such organizers. Currently, I don't have this problem anymore because I have all sorted in 3 separate chambers according to the brands, thanks to which I have them quickly in hand.

1. The perfect container for brushes! I am very happy that these three chambers are connected with each other because I have all I need to create the perfect makeup.

makeup organizer

brushes organizer

2. A useful organizer that will exposed all our favorite lipsticks. The holes in it are universal, so can fit both round and rectangular without concern. This one that I have contains space for for 12 lipsticks, but you can also find a smaller or a bigger one depending on what you need.

lipstick holder

3. This is the largest organizer that has can accommodate many different sizes and shapes, but it takes up a lot of space on the cabinet. On the pictures you can notice that currently I have a second organizer put inside one partition of this, due to the lack of space and dressing table, I hope that over time it will change.

Organizers for cosmetics

acryl Organizers

What are your methods to keep the tidiness in cosmetics?
Have a nice weekend 💝💜

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