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Saturday 9 June 2018

Rosegal Wishlist / Store overview

Store overview

Hey, previous wishlist and review of things from the Zaful you really liked it, so today I prepared a similar post from the another online store Rosegal
I hope that is a nice change from cosmetic reviews.

Rosegal is an online store that has in assortment not only clothes and makeup tools but also things to the home and clothes for men. An additional advantage is the plus size section, where ladies with fuller shapes can find something for themselves.

Cushion covers are the easiest way to change the interior decoration. They are available in many very fashionable designs like leaves or gold prints. Practically identical I saw in H & M Home for around £10 and here you can get them for a much lower price.

rosegal Cushion covers
You really liked the mermaid's brushes, so if you are interested about this store, you can buy them here as well as other gadgets.

rosegal makeup

And of course what women love the most - clothes.

rosegal dresses

Did you shopping in this store?
I hope you like the things that I've chosen😁

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