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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Last Months Non- cosmetic Favorites

july Non- cosmetic Favorites

A lot of time has passed from last non-cosmetic favorites, so it will not be a collection from one but a few months. If you are interested in fashion, music, series and many more, I cordially invite you.

  • TV series
In recent months, I saw a lot of serials with my fiancé, so I have a few to recommend.


Mega interesting series about which it's hard to say anything not to spoiler. You just have to watch! Finally something different, new and surprising.


Light and pleasant for all fans of the CSI series

13 Reasons Why

The series is mainly aimed to teenage viewers. Talks about suicide, problems at school and acceptance.

  • Exercises

If you have extra kg these exercises will definitely help you get rid of them. For me, one of the best available on youtube.

  • Hoodie From Zaful

zaful favorites clothes

I love this sweatshirt! Whenever I wear it, I collect a lot of questions from where it's etc. Perfect for cooler summer evenings.

  • Music

What are yours non-cosmetic favorites?
Have a nice week

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