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Friday 27 July 2018

Revolution Sophx Extra Spice Palette Review & Swatches

Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review
Sophx Extra Spice

I have been thinking about buying this palette from a long time because I was not sure if I need another warm tone but I convinced me the Infinity shade and I don't regret it!

The palette was created with the cooperation of the Revolution brand with the English youtuber Sophx, which of course has a beauty channel. It's their second collaboration because Soph Ultra Eyeshadow Palette was launched as far as I'm not mistaken last year and collected a lot of positive reviews in the whole world, so I'm not surprised that they release something again. For a large group of people these pallets are defined as the best quality available in the Revolution offer and related brands, so I was very curious whether is it true.

Sophx Extra Spice Review

The Extra Spice palette contains 18 shades including 12 matte finish and 6 metallic ones. It costs £ 10 what compared to other cosmetics from this brand is a lot, but with the palettes available on the market with so many shades is not expensive. You can very often find it on offer 3 for 2 and save a little bit of money.

Sophx Extra Spice Palette opinion

I will not compare shades, quality, etc. because I don't want to swatch Soph Ultra Eyeshadow Palette which will be available to win in giveaway.
At first glance, you can see that Spice is kept in a very warm tone and contains less metallic shadows. Personally, I like the colors shame more in the first palette that's why I decided that I would not keep it because I already have similar shades in my collection, which only proves how much I like them.
 In the new collaboration have been corrected the names of the shadows, which this time are under the shadows and not on the attached foil. The packaging of both pallets includes a mirror and is made of thick plastic however, in a new Spice is less functional thanks to metallic rose gold design on which you can see every dirt and fingerprints, so you have to clean it all the time.

revolution Soph X review palette

It's sensational in this palette. Honestly, it's a level higher than in Reloaded palettes because here both the mats and the metallic ones are fantastic. Only black is more pigmented in the Reloaded Iconic Division.

You can work with her without any problems. The shadows don't fallout, they create nice transitions and blend well. They have a comfortable buttery texture, they are not dry at all, that's why don't create a mess

Can stay without correction even 10h based on concealer, after this time slightly start to roll but not terribly

At the first look at this palette it seems to us very crazy, evening, but you can also use  to create a more delicate daytime make-up. I used this palette to work all last week and every time I created completely different look,so is very multi-functional. We just need a bit of creativity and imagination because at first it seemed to me quite optional limited but nothing more wrong.

Swatches without a base!
Revolution Sophx Extra Spice swatches

Sophx Extra Spice swatches

Sophx Extra Spice Palette swatches

I must admit that I like this palette very much, especially the shadows: Aurora - a beautiful pistachio which was missing in my collection; Infinity- metallic silver and Lakes. The color scheme is very well matched and thought-out, the authoress has really done a great job! This is the best Revolution palette I have used and I am really positively surprised by the quality. I'm sure that Sophx didn't want to disappoint her fans and release a really good product. I have no doubt that Soph Ultra Eyeshadow Palette will be equally sensational and I hope that together with the revolution they will release next launch. I highly recommend it, they were really well spent £ 10!

If you are interested what makeups you can create with it
 certainly such a post will appear soon on blog😍😊

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