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Friday 13 July 2018

Top 5 Hair Conditioners

favorite Hair Conditioners

Each of us has some favorite cosmetics or just looking for them, so is nice to see what works for other people and maybe include something in your routine. Today's post will especially appeal to every hair maniac, namely my top 5 favorite hair conditioners.

Jantar Conditioner With Amber Extract
Jantar Conditioner

I even had a separate post about this conditioner because it's my Holy Grail. In a fast and effective way stops hair loss and stimulates the bulbs to grow. Already after a few uses you can notice the appearance of the so-called ,,baby hairs''. I love this conditioner and if you want to know more about it, I recommend checking a separate post.

Herbal Care Black Turnip
Herbal Care hair conditioner

My hair really like natural care, so as soon as I saw this conditioner I knew I had to test it. Has a pleasant, fresh scent of turnip, but not so intense. Hairs after a few uses are thicker, raised from the root and regenerated. I noticed a slight reduction of hair loss, but this is not such a wow effect. I would qualify it more into super-protective and nutritional masks.

L'Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Conditioner
Hair Expertise Conditioner

I love this conditioner from a long time, you could even see her in my May favorites. I will not repeat myself, I will only say that gives me a significantly increased volume, my hairs are thick and nourished.

Kallos Hair Pro- Tox
Kallos hair conditioner

This is an absolutely mask giant that I've probably had for over a year, it's so efficient. Has a pleasant powdery scent and a fairly watery consistency. Perfectly moisturizes hair, makes them soft and smooth. I also noticed that for me is easier comb my hair after using it.

Pasmedic Cosmetic Kerosene
Cosmetic Kerosene

This product was recommended to me once by a hairdresser as the best "conditioner". After a few uses, the hair becomes wonderfully shiny, looks mega healthy and well groomed.  During applying, however it's necessary to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the time after which we have to rinse to don't irritate the scalp. You can get it in many pharmacies in a clean version or, for example with vitamin a+e , castor oil and others. 

What are your favorite hair conditioners?
If you used one of these, let me know what do you think

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