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Friday 3 August 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit
abh aurora

This palette I had already in my shopping basket so many times , but always something stopped me and I postponed purchase for later. Three weeks ago, one of the most popular online drugstores in England celebrated birthday and therefore you could find really profitable promotions so finally I had a chance to buy it.

As a person who have a beauty blog, I am ashamed to admit but this is my first cosmetic from Anastasia Beverly Hills. So far, nothing has caught my attention so much that I wanted to spend so much money, because each of us knows that this is a expensive brand. Anastasia Beverly Hills in its assortment has many really iconic products that "inspire" other cosmetic brands to create their dupes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit opinion

Aurora Glow Kit contains 6 highlighter that can be mixed together to get a unique shade and of course use separately. In the regular price costs £41 for 4.2g. Of course, this is a large sum, so better to wait for promotions or find a similar pallet in the offer of other companies, such as BH Cosmetics Blacklight Hightlight 6 Colour Palette has similar shades and costs £13.

Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter review

All shades are well pigmented but they contain a lot of brocade which I am not a fan in highlighter.

It's best to apply them by a wet or soft fluffy brush.

Stays on the cheeks all day

It's obvious that colored highlighter is not what many of us wear on a daily basis to work like purple or blue, but can be used as eye shadows. Certainly, the holographic accent will add uniqueness to every make-up.

Swatches without a base!
ABH Aurora Glow Kit swatches

aurora swatches

I must say with pain that I'm not completely satisfied with this palette. It has very nice unique shades but as highlighters they are too brocade for me. They remind me of the first this type of products that were released on the market, where the glow consisted of the tone of glitter particles and didn't look like wet skin. This palette works better for me as eye shadows or for illuminating the inner corner of the eye. Honestly for the £41.00 I was expecting a lot more.

Do you like cosmetics from Anastasia Beverly Hills?
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