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Tuesday 7 August 2018

Revolution Face Quad Incandescent

Revolution Face Quad Incandescent
Revolution Face Quad highlighter review

There is a lot of discussion about this palette lately, which why I was very curious about her quality. If you are interested buying or wondering if it's another hit of this brand, I invite you check the rest of the post.

revolution highlighters palette review

I knew that because the luminous skin is now very trendy, so it's only a matter of time when Revolution releases new range of highlighters and I wasn't wrong. Face Quad is available in two color options a lighter- Incandescent and darker- Ignite. Contains 4 pans that can of course be mixed to get more unique shade or change the color tone to more gold, peach etc.
I must admit that the color selection in Incandescent is perfect for me and I wouldn't change anything.
The palette costs in a regular price £10.00 for 16.2?g but like all Revolution cosmetics you can often find them on the sale. The packaging is a cardboard but what bothers me the most is its thickness. Takes a lot of space unnecessarily, a big shame because it could be a nice palette to take on a trip. 😢😢

Revolution Face Quad Incandescent opinion

All shades are well pigmented and visible on the skin. They don't create any problems when we mixe them with each other. They don't leave any visible brocate particles, just gives the effect of luminous wet skin. You can achieved a medium or very spectacular glow.

They are a little dry in consistency, so it's best to apply them with a soft fluffy synthetic brush then they will not emphasize the texture of the skin. They blend nicely, combine with the skin without creating a cut-off.

Stays on the cheeks all day

The version that I have Incandescent works for people with light and medium skin tone. Deciding to buy this pallet you have to be aware that they are highlighters that will give a strong glow. I would strongly advise against all the fans of a more delicate, natural effect. As for me, can be used for both everyday and evening make-up and not only as a highlighter but also as eyeshadows or for illuminating the inner corner of the eye.

Swatches without a base!

Revolution Face Quad swatches

First mixed with the last one, second with third
Revolution Face Quad highlighters swatches

According to me is a very good palette for a cheap price, we get really good quality highlighters. I definitely don't need anything else and I am very happy that I bought it. I highly recommend, gives a nicer effect than some more expensive highlighters.

Do you have this palette?
I hope you liked this post and was useful, see you😍💕

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