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Friday 14 September 2018

Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments

Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments
Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments review

I noticed that it's easy to get colored metallic or shimmers shadows, but difficult to find good pigmented matts. Mostly in both pallets and single pans there are browns, beiges, blacks or burgundy, so as soon as I saw new Vivid pigments when I you creating July Releases for you, I knew I needed to have them.

The collection of vivid pigments include 16 shades all with matte finish. I like the choice of colors, but I miss such a neon intense lime and Sauce I would change to the bloody red which I know that a lot of people are looking for. 
At the beginning they could only be obtained on the official Coloured Raine website at a price £5.40 each or £41.93 the whole bundle which is not too bad price only that the shipping was from the USA, so delivery + extra duty significantly increased costs that's why I gave up their purchase. Recently, however they are available in the English online drugstore Beauty Bay at a price of £5 each with the free shipping over £15,so finally I could bought them.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments

If you read my posts regularly, you know that initially I wanted to buy totally different shades but I found the perfect dupes in my collection so I pickup only Cute, Vibez, Drip Drop and Neo Blue.

Vivid Pigments

I have only 4 of 16 the shades of the Vivid collection but with one Neo Blue I have small problems, has a very dry and chunky formula totally different than others, that's why the pigment applies unevenly and you need to add the next layers. The others are more creamy and super pigmented.

As for matte well-pigmented shadows working with them is not difficult, they blend quickly. Only with Neo Blue you need more effort but it's also manageable and you can still create beautiful make-up. I would also advise first make the eye make-up and later the face, because they are fallout a bit.

Most of these pigments have very crazy, intense colors so these are not the typical colors which we wear on a daily basis. Of course, if you like have for example blue make-up to work there is nothing wrong with it, but for the most of us these are colors that we wear occasionally or as an additional accent eg in emphasizing the lower eyelid more than the entire eye.  Personally, I love to create crazy makeup for my blog purpose, so they will certainly be useful for me and I will often reach for them.

Swatches without a base!
Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments swatches

Coloured Raine swatches

Summing up, I'm really happy with their purchase, £5 is a low price for such a good quality. It's a pity that the beauty bay has no option to buy the whole bundle. If you are looking for colored matts, you want to extend your collection because in ready pallets is hard to find just such a colors, then these eyeshadows are just for you. Please remember that sometimes it's worth to get out of your comfort zone and experimentalize, because make-up is mostly to have a fun and let yourself be carried away by fantasy.


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