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Monday 29 October 2018

Nabla Dazzle Liner

Nabla Dazzle Liner
Nabla Dazzle Liner review

Undoubtedly the Nabla brand is my discovery on this year, their cosmetics make me a lot of fun. Until now, I tested blusher and eyeshadow palette but this time we will focus on eyeliners.

I have the impression that recently we started slowly to deviate from the trend of the black matte line and is often replaced by duochrome, metallic and shiny eyeliners. We apply them not only at the eyelash line but also above the inner corner of the eye / on the eyelid bend. I like this trend very much and it's a really easy way to transform your everyday brown look into eye-catching and impressive makeup.

nabla dazzle eyeliners

Dazzle Liner eyeliner series is available in 4 different colors - bronze, metallic peach, metallic navy blue and duochrome of which I have 2. They should definitely expand the offer with more colors option, especially those with the duochrome effect. In England you can get Nabla unfortunately only in online stores, each of eyeliner cost £11 for 6ml.

Nabla Dazzle Liner eyeliner review

As for the eyeliners themselves, I am very happy with them. They have a narrow applicator thanks to which the line is very precise and depends on us their thickness and width. They stay on the eyes all day in the same condition as immediately after application nothing crack, doesn't fade, doesn't lose pigmentation, etc.

Nabla Dazzle Liner  current eden original sin

best from nabla

These are really fantastic quality products that you can use with pleasure. They give a beautiful effect on the eyelid which you could  already seen in 2 makeup posts. If you were looking for metallic eyeliner or you want to add a little piquancy / expression to your make-up, I highly recommend them because they are worth the price !

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