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Thursday 25 October 2018

Superdrug Skin Care

Superdrug Skin Care 
Superdrug cosmetics opinion

One of the most popular drugstores in England - Superdrug also has its own cosmetic brand which I discovered a while ago. I thought that would be cool to check out if they are worth purchase or not, so I bought some of them to test.

Superdrug is one of the largest drugstore chains in England, which is probably the most popular because as the only one they distribute stationary cosmetics from Revolution and all related to it like Mua or Revolution Pro, etc.
Very often they offer cosmetics in the promotion of 3 for 2 or second in half price, so it is worth to checking out. Just like in Boots, you can be a Superdrug Clubcard Member and collect points which we can exchange for money, but what exactly is the conversion rate, how many exactly points is £ 1 I don't know. I saw that in the offer of their own brand there are many products for the body care and face in various lines, eg with vitamin E, C and others.

1. Superdrug Vitamin E Intensive All Over Body Cream 475ml
Superdrug Vitamin E Intensive All Over Body Cream opinion

I absolutly love this product from the first use. It has specific consistency because it's not a mousse, not a butter or a balm but just something in between. Ideally moisturizes the skin, makes it silky smooth to the touch and soft. Quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving an unpleasant feeling of stickiness or white cast. I am really surprised how great this product is, even now I prefer it more than Garnier body repair anti-dryness restoring lotion which was my favorite body moisturizer for many years. It has an original powder scent, lasts many hours on the body which is next advantage.

Superdrug Vitamin E Body Cream

2. Superdrug Vitamin C Booster 30ml
Superdrug Vitamin C opinion

I honestly don't feel any difference between this vitamin c and those more expensive. Skin already after a few uses is more radiant and looks more rested and healthy. I like the orange packaging but the pipette in the middle is of poor quality, it looks even so old fashion, although takes the product without any problem, so fulfills its task. As we know, vitamin C has a sensational effect on our skin, is really worth to include it to yours skin care routine.

Superdrug booster

3. Superdrug Manuka Honey Peel Off Face Mask
Superdrug Honey mask

I had this mask some time ago but I remember that I liked it. Of course, any result could be more noticeable after at least a few application, but the skin was after more clean and calm.
I have not used peel-off masks for a long time, that's way I even more enjoyed it. If you like the smell of honey then this is the perfect thing for you. For the £0.99 price is worth trying out and I think I will buy this mask again.

4. Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask
Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask

It was the first of my Superdrug brand cosmetic and unfortunately total fail, so I was a bit skeptical about the rest. It's a moisturizing mask with Vitamin E which normally my skin loves.
I have used it many times and unfortunately I don't feel any moisturizing, the skin is not softer or hydrated, simply do nothing. In the composition has alcohol what unluckily I missed, probably then I wouldn't even buy this mask. Generally speaking, this mask is definitely not worth spending money and your attention.

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask opinion

Summing up cosmetics from Superdrug brand, they proved to be really good in most cases. They are very attractive in price and I don't see the difference in quality from the more expensive ones. I will definitely buy something more to test because I am very curious about the rest of the cosmetics from the vitamin E series. 
Have you tried their own brand?😁💗

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