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Saturday 10 November 2018

Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Review

  Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions
Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Is it worth buying?

I love violet that's why since I first saw this palette attracted me like a magnet. I resisted for a long time but there was an opportunity to buy for £14.50 so I couldn't miss this chance. Definitely my obsession around Hudy Beauty mini-palettes should be treated hehe: D.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes swatches

This is the third Huda mini-palette I own and it seems  that not the last. I have Electric, Ruby and now Amethyst so I will be great have also something like Smoky with brown shades to tame these colorful shades and add more basic, transition colors.
Currently, Huda Beauty has released a ten Obsession mini palettes in various shades and finishings. Certainly, both followers of colorful and delicate makeup will find something for themselves. For all more detailed information about these pallets I am sending you back to previous posts with their reviews.

huda beauty mini obsessions palettes compare review

Amethyst contains the same as the others 9 shades, this time kept in a purple tone which I personally love and feel very attractive. Among them we find 3 with matte finish, 4 metallic and 2 duochromes.

great purple mini palette

Amethyst Obsessions Stone review

Metallic shadows are of very good quality, just need one finger swipe to get a wonderful pigment. Unfortunately, to my surprise this is not an ideal palette because dark purple is poorly pigmented, even after several applications it still doesn't look as it should. Definitely this is the worst shade from all three palettes I have. It's one of those shades that looks great on swatches but it loses pigmentation on the eye and is patchy.

Apart from this unfortunate dark purple with the rest I had no problems. They applies and look fantastic. Definitely metallic shadows don't have to be applied wet or even some like the last two in the middle row have a very soft, non-compressed formulas which makes it easier by your finger.

Even though it is one-color palette, we are still able to make both day and evening makeup but of course the options are limited. Personally, this is my favorite color and I'm glad that these purples have a more neutral-cool tone thanks to it stand out from the other palettes. Is definitely less usefule because of this weakly pigmented dark purple but is still a good palette. It will be match perfect to green or hazel eyes, because will beautifully emphasize the color of the iris.

Swatches without a base! 
Amethyst Obsessions swatches

Huda Beauty Amethyst  swatches

In summary, is it worth to buy? I don' hide that I was a bit disappointed that one of the most useful shade doesn't perform so good but I think that one shade can't cross out the entire palette. The shade in the middle and the last two are very unique and I have nothing in my collection what would give so beautiful and wet effect. According to me, it's still worth buying but it must be emphasized that Amethyst is not perfect compared to the rest Obsession mini palettes.

Do you have any Huda's palette?
Which one do you like the most?
Have a nice weekend

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