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Friday 16 November 2018

Testing The New Brand For Me - Phase Zero

Testing The New Brand For Me - Phase Zero

I found out about the existence of this brand on one of the blogs and immediately their blush caught my attention. I decided that apart from it will be also nice to buy something from other categories and let you know what I think about this shop and the quality of their cosmetics.

It seems to me that Phase zero is probably a relatively new company because I never heard anything about them. In their assortment you can find face products like bronzers or blushes, eye shadows with different finishings, lipsticks and accessories.
The prices of individual items oscillate from £3.50 to £8 what for a india brand which can only be bought online is not cheap and we are not able to touch and check the quality is not poor but they have a sensational program. Namely for every friend referred you get £10 and they get £10 off with their first order. Using this opportunity and a coupon to smaller purchases we only pay for delivery so this is a wonderful opportunity to test Phase Zero.

Today I have for you reviews of blush, magnetic palette and foil eye shadow.

Gold Rush Blush
Gold Rush Blush opinion

Mega liked this shade since I saw it for the first time, I probably haven't seen nothing similar anywhere else. Has a beautiful coral shade with golden flecks but if you prefer pink tones, probably you will like Making Moves. I even saw the opinion that this is the dupe of Nars Orgasm, so I will buy it probably next time. I was afraid that Gold Rush would be a bit too dark for my light complexion, but beautifully blends and looks perfectly. The skin is more healthy, radiant gives a really beautiful effect. 

Phase Zero shade Gold Rush swatches

Phase Zero seems to me that produces its blushes in the same factory as Sleek because they have identical packaging only with different logo. Keeps up all day and this beautiful shade <3. I love!

Phase Zero compare to sleek

gold rush and lie's a peach compare swatches

B.Y.O.P Magnetic Palette
B.Y.O.P Magnetic Palette

It's a magnetic palette housing 12 pans of standard eyeshadows. Has a very trendy holographic print which, together with the reflection of light changes color. I have only recently got it but is quite thick and seems to be solidly made, has a mirror. The only thing I advise you to do is right after the purchase to slightly bend the edges because they are plumpy and in the beginning all pans doesn't enter.

Phase Zero Magnetic Palette opinion

Metal Foil Eyeshadow Gold Roses
good cheap foil metallic eyeshadow

Foil eyeshadow in a plastic jar which is most conveniently applied on the eyelid by finger. Gives a very intense, wet effect. The best is to apply in a smaller amount and precisely pat it in, otherwise it can leave such lumpy clumps. It looks beautiful and doesn't crease in the eyelid bend, what I was afraid with such a buttery formula. I thought it would be my go to eyeshadow when I don't have lot of time and I want to look good, however, you have to sacrifice some time and attention to make it looks smooth without these lumps. 

Metal Foil Eyeshadow Gold Roses swatches

I have to admit that Phase Zero done good impress on me. I received the parcel a few days after the purchase, without problems. Definitely all three things I will using and will gladly take a closer look at the rest of their products. If I would have to choose only one thing from this order, I recommend blush the most because this shade and quality are insane.

Do you know this brand?
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