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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Revolution Foil Frenzy Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution New Foil Frenzy Palette Review 
Revolution Foil Frenzy swatches and review

I don't remember when I had such a situation that I wanted to buy something but it was sold out all the time. I have the impression that everyone wants this palette because in every online store immediately after the premiere it was out of stock. After long expectations, finally it came into my hands, so today let's see whether it is really worth buying.

new Revolution Foil Frenzy Palette review

I have to admit that I really like the eyeshadows from Revolution, I have 3 palettes in my collection and I am happy that I bought them, I often reach for them. I love matte eyeshadows in them but metallic ones have always been their weak side, they didn't give such a spectacular effect.
I try to keep up with new launches due to my great passion and love to cosmetics and a series of posts New Makeup Releases on my blog. As soon as I saw the latest baby from Revolution Foil Frenzy Eyeshadow Palette which formula was improved, I knew I had to have it and see if really is so amazing. After long expectations, I finally have this palette: D.
The palette contains 15 eyeshadows with a metallic finish, one of them is a duochrome. It costs £8, so twice as much as the rest of the Reloaded series palettes, but often the Revolution brand is on offer 3 for 2 in Superdrug.
The packaging is a typical rose gold plastic that looks very nice but it's hard to make a pictures because everything is reflected like in the mirror hehe: d.

Revolution reloaded

All are strongly metallic and soft in their formula thanks that, is enough just one swipe by your finger.

They are applied to the eyelids just like butter, they combine well with each other, don't crumble or form a crust. The easiest way is to apply them by your finger. With brush sometimes they don't want to stick, so then it's better to use a base or glue like Nyx Glitter Primer first. They don't require application on wet because they already in themselves shine beautifully.

Contains only metallic eyeshadows, so obviously it is a complementary palette. It has a wide range of color that can be used both in daytime and more crazy, evening makeups. This is a great addition for, for example, people who like cosmetic minimalism, only need just this palette and some of the favorite matt shades (brown, purple, gray) and we have a whole spectrum of possibilities.

Swatches Without A Base
revolution metallic eyeshadows
revolution new eyeshadow
foil eyeshadow from drugstore

All together
Foil Frenzy swatches and review

Revolution Foil Frenzy swatches

I am really happy with the purchase of this palette, it will be a great addition to other eyeshadows from my collection. Looking at her I thought to myself that in total a lot of these shades can be a great replacement for the foills of other brands, for example from Makeup Geek.
I really recommend Foil Frenzy to everyone, especially those who don't need to have many eyeshadows in their collection and all those who prefer a quick attractive makeup because application these shadows takes a few seconds and then all you need is to emphasize the lower eyelid,  eye crease, mascara and make-up ready in moment.
Has the quality of the metallic in this palette actually been improved compared to other Reloaded? For me yes, their formula is softer and more buttery, completely different from the other Revolution palettes that I have. You can achieve by them a much more visible glow and eye-catching effect. I am very curious what new Revolution will be able to offer us in the future because you can really see in their products much better and better quality at an still affordable price.

makeup geek in the spotlight dupe

Are you planning to buy this palette?
Do you like eyeshadows from Revolution?
Have a nice weekend💖💖

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  1. Z kilku kolorów bym korzystała, ale całość byłabym dla mnie zbyt błyszcząca. Jednak częściej sięgam po maty :)

    1. Cała paletka to same metaliki, to taki bardziej dodatek jeśli lubimy np błysk na połowie powieki czy rozświetlić kącik itp:)

  2. Replies
    1. Fajne fajne, można wykombinować z niej + jakichś matów sporo fajnych makijaży:D:*

  3. No pigment jest nieziemski! :)

    1. o tak zdecydowanie Revolution ostatnio wymiata:D

  4. Bardzo lubię cienie z Revolution :) może kiedyś się skuszę na tą paletkę super ma kolory:) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Warto się nią zainteresować, świetny dodatek do matów:D :*:*

  5. ale piękne i intensywne kolory :D Porządna paletka i super pigmentacja wow

    1. I niska cena czyli to co wszystkie uwielbiamy hehe:D

  6. Piękne kolory<3 Szkoda, że mi cienie kompletnie nie pasują:(

    1. Nie nakładasz cieni na oczy czy po prostu ta firma Ci się nie sprawdza?:*

  7. Lubię błyszczące cienie ;)

  8. Wow, these swatches are so vibrant and the metallic finish is absolutely great! Thank you for the review :)
    Lots of love ♥ January Girl

    1. It is a really good quality palette :) Thanks dear:*

  9. I love this palette!
    xoxo Gina

    new post

  10. Great post, Thanks for sharing ! x.

  11. Piękne słocze! Super ta paleta. Ciekawe ile by się te cienie trzymały na mojej tłustej skórze. Obserwuję i Pozdrawiam!^^

    1. Myślę, że na bazie mogłby się naprawdę dobrze trzymać:* Dziękuję kochana, aktualnie prowadzę bardziej obserwację bloga przez kliknięcie obrazka - Follow My blog bo niestety google+ zostaje usunięte:( Pozdrawiam:*


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