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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Revolution Lipsticks and Lip Gloss / Worth To Buy?

Revolution Lipsticks and Lip Gloss / Worth to buy?
Revolution Lipsticks swatches

It's been a long time since there was anything on my blog about any lipstick or the other lip product, the more I'm happy that today I have three really cheap from drugstore that may interest you.

revolution review

I really like the Revolution as a brand but I have never tried anything to lips before. Now I rarely buy lipsticks because I have tomuch of them, so I prefer to finish first what I have in my collection and other things more exciting me like for example eyeshadows:D. I bought all of the products presented today randomly because the first Soph lipstick was on -50% sale and I needed exactly that to have a free shipping on Beauty Bay and the next two left me practically for free because the Superdrug  had offer if you spend £25 you get £5 discounts and I needed to buy something for £2, I added the first ones which had quite a good customer reviews: d.

Revolution Nudes Collection Gloss Boudoir review opinion

Revolution Rose Gold Girls Best Friend swatches review

I will not write about each of them separately because they really have very similar properties and I have the same opinion about them. Would I buy any of them again? Definitely not :( I really like the Revolution as abrand what I mentioned before but just they lips products are bad in my opinion. The shades are an individual thing but they have different to choose from, so everyone will find something for themselves. I have to admit that this pink scares me a little,  had a very good opinion on Superdrug but for me it is too intense shade, so I will definitely not wear it very often. 

revolution lip glosses review swatches

Packagings are quite decent for the price but durability is just a total disaster. Without drinking anything or eating they disappears from the lips in less than an hour, to have an intense shade on, you would have to apply them again every 25 minutes and probably this is not what we want. Definitely you can find a lot of better quality lipsticks and lip glosses in drugstores in a very similar price range. If you were tempted to add them to the basket, I strongly dissuade. Probably I have never been so disappointed with anything from Revolution.

Do you prefer lipsticks or lip glosses?
What are your favorite shades?


  1. i have few and yes they are not very long lasting

    1. Dobrze że chociaż tanie to nie ma dramatu hehe:D:**

  2. Thanks for the review, I will steer clear of them. I'm glad you have a stockpile of the ones you like better.

    1. Thanks dear:** It's definitely worth saving money for something better: D Have a nice weekend:**