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Sunday 21 July 2019

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker Palette Review & Swatches

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker Palette
Jeffree Star Mini Breaker review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a brand that belongs of course to the controversial youtuber / influencer which one people loves and the other hates but you can not deny that his new launches are always exciting and brings a breath of freshness to the beauty industry. As every year he created a huge summer collection in which I finally found something for myself.

I will not focus or comment on the founder himself because it is a individual thing, opinion about him and this post will be only about Mini Breaker palette. 
This is part of his this year's Jawbreaker summer collection which also contains: bigger Jawbreaker palette, highlighter palette, Supreme highlighters, lipsticks, lip scrubs, mirror, makeup bags, phone case and clothes. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics new pastel collection

At the very beginning I was not convinced to the color selection of this palette but her photos started to bombard me everywhere in social media and I changed my mind, that has something intriguing and I have to buy it. A woman is fickle hehe.😀

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker opinion

Mini Breaker contains 9 shades - 1 duochrome, 6 mattes, 2 metallics and two of them Bubble Gum and Bite Me are also included in the larger Jawbreaker palette.
Costs £25 for 9x1.50 g, so quite affordable as for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Each of the shadows has an embossed star characteristic for this brand but also adding to the whole look some of charm. The packaging is solidly made, quite heavy and with a large mirror. The graphics on it are not printed but embossed, you can feel it into touch what also gives a bit of originality and such a feeling that this is a cool more expensive product.

Jeffree Mini Breaker Palette Review

All shades are rich pigmented, you don't need to add them a million times to get an intense color. I was greatly surprised by the fact that Purple Punch looks on the eyes exactly the same as on the pan. So far, always so intense purples that I had been used before was beautiful when you looked at them in the palette but on the eye lost this intensity and neon. Because they are so pigmented unfortunately some of the shades stains the eyelids.

Most shades working easily, they fallout minimally, practically non at all. Only the previously mentioned violet (Purple Punch) is a type of shade that you have to apply by packing movements, tap tap and is done. If you want to blend it, then just create a holes / patches, so it's better to take one of the other mattes to blend the sharp edges. This is not a beginner friendly eyeshadow formula but still to control, the others don't cause any problems. 

This is definitely an addition palette, not self sufficient. The colors have very nice but is hard to create thanks to them cohesive make up, always something is missing. There is nothing to illuminate the inner corner, Hot Fudge is a beautiful brown but more a cool tone and not too intense, so it does not match to purples or oranges. This palette can really nicely complement with his previous palettes, eg Blood Sugar or Beauty Killer. Unfortunately I don't have them in my collection, so my favorite palette to combine with this is Morphe Bling Boss. This combination gives me really a lot of possibilities and beautiful looks. As I say is a beautiful palette but as an addition to other eyeshadows or palettes.

Swatches without a primer
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker all shades swatches

Mini Breaker Swatches

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker Palette Swatches

Generally, I am happy with this purchase, has really good quality but do I see such a dramatic difference compared to the others formulas and it is so spectacular? I would say no. If you have a Huda Beauty shadows then they are pretty similar what I can say based only on this palette. Shade Oral is very nice but I have the impression that recently also often found in the proposals of other brands, so you can already have something similar (check post Nabla Garden Gate dupe).  If I could change one thing then instead of Slice I would give a lot of lighter gold that would better correspond with this color scheme and created more possibilities. I am glad that Mini Breaker joined to my collection and I hope that he will be releasing more such a mini pallets in the future because not everyone needs to have 24 shades and these price point is more affordable for every one. I would like to see a mini Blood Sugar ooo it would be something beautiful.

Do you like the Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadow formula?
What do you think about this palette?


  1. I like his palettes :) now the only one I ammissing is the Alien one :) I dunno I feel like I need to collect them all even tho I mihgt not use them :)

    1. Oddaj hehe! Ta Alien też ma w sobie coś interesującego, chyba najmniej mi się podoba Thirsty i najłatwiej jest znaleźć podobne odcienie:) :***

  2. I love his collections. I always hear such amazing things too in terms of quality in both packaging and more importantly product. I love the colours in this collection. They are so much fun!


    1. These are really good shadows, it's a pity that these larger palettes are so expensive :(. I think that he really work hard on every detail and tries to make customers happy:D :***

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    incredible! I really want to try this brand

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    1. If you only will have the opportunity then is worth give JSC a chance):**

  4. I'm a fan of that gold shade! Pretty palette.

  5. loved all the swatches

  6. Se ven interesantes. Saludos.

  7. What an awesome collection! I love the shades you swatched, so bold and bright! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Currently, I have 2 days off, so is wonderfully hehe: D
      Thank you for visiting <3 :***

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  9. lovely product with incredible effect...
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  10. there are beautiful colors in these palettes!

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    1. Thank you very much and of course I encourage you to read the rest of my posts maybe you will also find something interesting:**Have a nice day!

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