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Monday 8 July 2019

What I'm Taking With Me On Holiday

What I'm Taking With Me On Holiday
summer essentials

Just in a few days, we're flying with my fiance for a week to Crete, so I thought that it will be maybe interesting to show you what I'm taking with me. Generally on holiday we taking with us the absolute minimum, only what we really like and will be useful, so it will be a quick update of my summer cosmetic bag.

When we going on holiday definitely we pack our favorite, well tested cosmetics which we know will not disappoint us. So I thought that instead of doing a favorites of the previous months this form might be a more interesting update of the current hits. This is not a complete list of course, especially when it comes to skin care because of the airport restrictions and the practical aspect. We know how it is in travel, we are taking rather a small amount and only what will be handy and useful.

Skin Care
face the best drugstore spf

The absolute must have is spf spf spf. I am taking a few mini versions of Banana Boat Advanced Protection Kids50 with me for my body due to the limitations of ml at the airport and the practical aspect. Instead of taking a big bottle with you, we can put this little tube everywhere and it's much more convenient. As a spf for my face on this year I will try Nivea Sun Uv Face Q10 Anti- Age & Anti- Pigments 30. I have never had it before, so I will let you know how it works in the future post. In case if will not suitable for me, I will take well known Cetaphil Daily Defence Moisturiser 50+.  

Cetaphil Skin Care opinion

I also never forget about the cleaning face gel that will keep my skin in good condition. I used Cetaphil Skin Cleanser before and I was satisfied - gentle, not over-drying, perfect for morning or if we do not need to wash away the remains of makeup etc. because is not so deeply cleansing. Something to moisturize the body will also be needed - Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion. 

pixi travel size

My skin really loves products from Pixi and I have mini versions of toner and rose cream, so it was an obvious choice.

perfect eye cream for summer holiday

Care of the area under my eyes is very important to me, that's why I'm taking two creams. The first Simple Soothing Eye Balm works perfectly under make-up or on the daily basic thanks to a light consistency. The second one is a Intensely Lifting Bioliq which is dedicated not only for the eyes but also neck, cleavage and I personally apply it on my mimic wrinkles and forehead. Do I actually see the improvement? I will let you know in a separate post in the future.

missha bb cream opinion swatches

This is the perfect moment to finish this guy. On holiday break I do not really wear makeup, I do not have time for it, so I thought that a light cream Missha Perfect Cover BB with an additional 42 Pa+++ spf is a nice option. If I will need extra coverage, then Maybelline Instant Eraser Eye Concealer may be useful.

chocolate cheap bronzer

It may not be the most universal bronzer shade but I like to use it and will also work well when I get a little summer tan.

lovely review

I am a bit afraid that this highlighter will completely fall apart because unfortunately it has a broken packaging but I will take a risk. Has a practical small compact size and is suitable for both face and body. If will only survive then I will certainly use it very often.

Elizabeth Arden review

Another cosmetic that I have in my project pan and besides I started even I like this mascara - Elizabeth Arden Mascara Grand Entrance.

summer lipstick

I using protective, moisturizing lip balm for a whole year, so it could not be missing in my travel bag. I also take with me two quite neutral lipsticks that will not look unnaturally, weird when I don't wear rest of the makeup, if you understand what I mean.

avon nailpolish review

Good is to have a nail polish with you if because of using the benefits of summer, wearing sandals nails will require some corrections.

Catrice brow set opinion

As for the eyebrows nothing has changed, I still using the same set from Catrice.

This is all what I take with me, seems to me that this is not too much, but let me know what you think. 
Are you take a similar amount of cosmetics on holiday, do you wear a full makeup?


  1. Ja mimo że na wakacjach nie robię często makijażu to zawsze biorę dużo kosmetyków :D tak na wszelki wypadek gdybym jednak chciała zrobić pełny makijaż :) z pielęgnacją jest podobnie chyba że lecę samolotem wtedy wiem że nie mogę zabrać zbyt wiele. Udanego wypoczynku! :) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Hehe szalona:D Ja tak mam ale z ciuchami hehe:**Dzięki kochana!

  2. You have selected some useful and great products for holidays.
    Loving the lipsticks shades you have chosen.
    Have a great day.

  3. Na takie wakacje filtry to podstawa :D