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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Dior J'adore Perfume Vs Deodorant + Meet My Dog

Dior J'adore Perfume Vs Deodorant + Meet My Dog
Dior J'adore collection review

Today's post will be a little unusual, 
we will be talking about my favorite perfumes and something for every dog owners.😊
I hope you like it because I had a great desire to do it. 

Dior J'adore Eau de is my old time favorite perfume. If you would ask someone from my family or friends what perfume they associate with me, it would be definitely this scent. Is for me an extremely feminine, seductive but in the same time not a suffocating smell. Whenever I wear it, I always collect a lot of compliments and queries.  Unfortunately, this is not cheap pleasure because  costs £112 - 100ml, £78 - 50ml, £55 - 30ml and they are not too often on sale. I tried several times cheaper "alternatives" / dupes but it was never 100% the same, always some fragrance notes were different and they had much worse durability.
After a few such unsuccessful tries, I came back to the original Dior J'adore Eau de and when I'm close to the finish, I suggest to my boyfriend to give me as a gift for Christmas or other occasion. The original Dior J'ador perfume last on my skin until I take a bath, while the clothes are soaked with this fragrance for many days.

Dior J'adore Perfume vs deo spray opinion
Some time ago, when my fiance had to fly to Poland without me, he bought me a J'ador Deodorant thinking that it was a perfume. At the beginning I was a little disappointed but later I decided that thanks to this mistake I would have material for a new post, so there are some benefits. The whole design is of course kept in the style of the J'adore collection - minimalist with golden details what looks elegant and luxurious.

Dior J'adore Deodorant opinion review

When it comes to price, deodorant is much cheaper because cost £38  for 100ml but is less efficient. It seems to me that we naturally spraying / using f such a products more and we need more it to make the fragrance so concentrated. I am happy with this gift, although perfumes are more durable. Here, the fragrance still lasts for many hours, but is not as intensive and evaporates faster. If you can afford it financially, I recommend perfumes more. Definitely a difference in quality and durability is noticeable.

Dior J'adore Deodorant  worth spend money

One of my family members is our dog German shepherd Sheila. She is very charming, we literally always dreamed about the dog with such a character. Despite the large size and a little menacing look because of the black coat, my bitch is afraid of many things hehe and the most scary for her is water. Usually, German shepherds like to play in the water, jump into the lake etc. while for her is a huge trauma and she hates take a bath. It was a big problem for us because sometimes she stunk, every owner of a quadruped knows how it is. Later this fragrance spreads around the whole house and also if guests will want to stroke her will feel such a strange smell on their hands what is not nice. At the beginning I bought a dry shampoo for trial but unfortunately it didn't pass the exam at all.

how to get rid of the dog bad smell

Everything was ok for 1-2 days and then a white precipitate was forming on her black coat. Maybe with a different color it could working but unfortunately it didn't look good on black and it was so sticky to the touch. So I decided that I had to look for some other option and I found a special perfume for a dog. At first it seemed a little funny to me but it really works! Such perfumes you can find on portals like Ebay at various prices and capacities.
I was very surprised how many different variants of popular perfumes you can choose from <65 different fragrance versions>. Of course it couldn't be a different and I bought my favorite Dior J'adore hehe and in fact the fragrance notes are very similar. What is the great advantage of such perfumes is a quick and comfortable application for the dog, 2 puffs is enough and they didn't cause any unaesthetic white cast etc, even the coat gently glows. Intense smell stays on for about a week and then it just gets less noticeable but still eliminates any bad odor. I am really happy with this perfume, finally Sheila smells nice and also this scent spreads throughout the house. If you have such a stinky problem with your beloved pet, this is really a salvation.

black german shepherd character

What are your favorite perfumes? 
Do you have any pets?🐇🐶🐹

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  1. must be a good perfume....
    aww... such a nice black dog

    1. Thank sweetheart, Sheila is really wonderful <3 :**

  2. Kiss! Kiss! Smell good doggies :)


  3. I love this perfume! :)
    Hi would you like to follow each other?
    My Fifty Shades Fashion Blog

  4. I'm curious about this Dior fragrance, currently I have two favorites CK "obssesed" and "Golden" Ungaro
    Unfortunately I don't have any pets

    1. Musisz kochana koniecznie je zwąchać:D 100% kobiecości ze świeżością hehe:**

  5. I didn't know they made perfume for dogs, how fun! :) It's great you could get one similar to your favourite scent!

    Hope that your week has been a good one and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

    1. At first I didn't know either and it seemed a little strange to me but I am very happy that I bought them: D Thanks dear, for you too:**!

  6. Replies
    1. Wonderful that we have the same taste: D Regards:**

  7. Oh yes it looks really interesting and perfect for sports =) Greetings

    Great post, this deo sounds really gut. It's so funny that they made perfumes for dogs :D

  8. Great post, Thanks for sharing,
    I'm following you! X.

  9. Aż kuszą powąchać. Muszę się przekonać jak pachną!

    1. Sprawdź w perfumerii może akurat zakochasz się tak jak ja:**

  10. That's a beautiful dog! J'Adore is definitely a great perfume, always love that scent :)

  11. I have not tried J'adore Dior perfume which makes me feel like I want one right now Love the idea of a dog perfume perfect for my dog Thanks for sharing both reviews xoxo Cris

    1. So you must definitely check in the perfumery how they smell, they are really wonderful <3 Thank you for visiting :**

  12. Aroma oils have become well known options in contrast to the top brand planner scents and VIP fragrances sold at fragrance counter everywhere throughout the nation.Cosmetics Shop Pakistan

  13. The perfume looks really nice and cool. I will def. try it as I think it will work great in winters.


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