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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Juvia's Place Tribe Review & Swatches

Juvia's Place Tribe Review & Swatches
Juvia's Place Tribe Review

Unfortunately, undeniably autumn is right behind the corner, day is getting shorter and temperatures much cooler. Along with the changing season, our makeup preferences also often changing, so if you are currently looking for your perfect palette then Juvia's Place Tribe definitely screaming autumn.

This is not the first Juvia's Place palette I have, this brand has been scrolling here many times, so there is no point going into the details about them. I was impressed the Tribe palette from the very beginning, I wanted to buy it enormously on the day of release in the UK but unfortunately I didn't know why but original price (£29.95) was much higher than the others 9 shades Juvia's palettes (£19.95). It discouraged me from buying it, but somewhere in the back of my head I still wanted to have it. Finally on this month appeared an opportunity to buy for £14 so obviously it had to join to my collection. 

Juvia's Place Tribe palette

It contains 9 shades, has 32,4 g and including 5 mattes and 5 shimmers (two of them are duochrome). The color scheme is very interesting and rare, definitely the greens and golds are 100% autumn.

perfect green gold cooper palette

Every single shade in this palette is richly pigmented and you don't have to build them, they are very saturated and look beautiful on the eyes.

As for the metallic shades as always in every Juvia's Place palette they are wonderful but the mattes deserve for special attention. These are the easiest to work and blending mattes from all of the Juvia's I have contact with, even a beginner will be able to create beautiful makeup.

If you like this kind of khaki, copper colors then you will be have a lot of fun with this palette. At the very beginning when I got it, a few shades seemed to me little average, similar to this I already have in my collection and what was my surprise when they turn out to looked completely different on the eyes. Their undertones are very unique and they all go well together.

Swatches without a primer
Juvia's Place Tribe swatches and review

Juvia's tribe shades swatches

Juvia's palce autumn palette swatches

I am really happy that this palette has finally get into my hands. I haven't had practically any of these shades so thanks to them my collection has become more complete. It is also very inspiring, all I have to do is just look at these juicy colors and I immediately have a dozen makeup ideas in my head. One of my favorites are : Koro - beautiful gold with green reflection, Ashanti - not obvious mustard brown, San - greenish blue mega strange color. I think that soon I will do such a ranking of all Juvia's Place  palettes that I have, such a summary could be helpful when choosing the perfect option for myself. At the moment I can truly recommend you The Tribe. Amazing quality and color selection for not so much money.

Do you go for more gold or greens shades in the fall?
What do you this about this palette?

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  2. Hello, wow, these colours are great. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  3. what a pretty palette, these swatches are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Never tried that but it's very beautiful and different!
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  7. I love the colours, they absolutelly remember to Afrique. xx

  8. Ooh this palette looks absolutely beautiful!
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  9. Wow, love this palette, the colors are amazing, vivid and intense just as I like them.


  10. OMG !! I love the colors of this palette !! And it has very good pigmentation! You have made a very good purchase.

  11. it's so chic and fancy; Beautiful shades.