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Sunday, 10 November 2019

How In Easy Way Change The Shade Of The Foundation?!

How In Easy Way Change The Shade Of The Foundation?!
change foundation shade

Along with the end of the summer unfortunately, we lose our lovely tan and because of that our foundation shade changes. A simple and not so expensive solution for this problem are mixers, about which we will talk today.

Of course, there are many more ways to darken or lighten the foundation, mixers are just one of them. The simplest is of course having your favorite foundation in several shades and mixing as you needed, but it is certainly not a good and cheap solution for people who like to use different cosmetics rotationally, if there is not enough pale shade in your fave foundation range, have a large collection or wear makeup occasionally, and before they can finished 2 bottles of foundation in different shades they would have already expired. Mixer is a simple, non-invasive way which doesn't affect on the properties of the foundation, however sometimes on its formula. If we have a very watery foundation and we add a bit of mixer which has creamy consistency, it is obvious that it will become slightly denser.

MUA mixer review

Deepening mixer I have from a brand Mua which costs without promotion £4 for 8 ml (but I don't see it on the Superdrug website anymore, so I don't know if it has been discontinued😐), and for a brightening I decided to pick up a Nyx Makeup Pro Foundation Mixers White for £8 - 30ml and honestly I don't see any difference in quality etc. I have the impression that not much depends on from which brand you buy such a mixer, they all seems to doing their job. Just pick up something that price range will best suits you and will be easily available. Regardless of what effect we want to achieve in both cases, the method of use is the same:

1. Dispense one / two foundation pumps depending on how much we normally need on a back of the hand, a metal plate or anywhere we want
2. Add a mixer
3. Combine the entire mixture by your finger or a spatula until you achieve an even shade
4. If the shade is still too dark or light, repeat the process of adding the mixer until adjusted shade will be is perfect

nyx mixer review

As you can see this is really very easy and you do not need to have any makeup skills to deal with it. The only thing I can advise you is if you are not sure how much foundation you need, it is always better to take more because if you repeat the whole process from the beginning, the shade can be slightly different and you will wear for example, a lighter foundation on the forehead in comparison to the rest of the face hehe. When it comes to deepening mixer, I don't recommend you change the shade from mega light to dark olive etc. because the undertone may be more grayish and look unnatural, rather is better to stick to the rule 1, 2 max 3 shades up. 

easy way to change foundation shade

white mixer how is working

mixers results

They are really great products that changed my make-up life and thanks to them I don't get angry when I buy a wrong shade online, which probably every one of us has experienced. 
Unfortunately, many cosmetic brands are still can't improve the color range of the foundation which will include all skins types and undertones, so it's great that someone invented products like these mixers to help us all.

Do you use this type of mixers?
What are your ways to change the shade of the foundation?

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  1. Oh my!
    The blending method looks magical

    Now we don't have to buy standarized number / shade.
    When your skin's getting darker after the holiday in the beach, or when you're spending too much time indoor and your skin's getting lighter, one shade of your fav foundation is okayyy. JUST MIX IT UPP

  2. This product is a really good idea. Thanks for showing it. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  3. Wow, It's very interesting, thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you so much for these tips. It is amazing how mixer change shade of foundation.

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  5. Nigdy nie używałam mixerow - nie było potrzeby ☺
    Sporo dobrego słyszałam o tym z Nyxa,o tym z Mua pierwszy raz słyszę ☺

  6. So great product, i like your review


  7. so interesting! thanks for sharing this useful tip!

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  9. I heard of products like these before, but never tried any of them :D ... But it's definitely worth a try I guess - thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Hola,
    Una entrada muy interesante, genial el producto.
    Besos desde Promesas de Amor, nos leemos.

  11. Ciekawe, nie miałam jeszcze okazji używać

  12. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. I take note of these products. It is always worth having these products in your collection for future bases.

  14. I have a mixer from alverde natural cosmetics. I like it.