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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Colourpop Whatever Palette Review & Swatches

Colourpop Whatever Palette Review & Swatches
Colourpop Whatever Palette

Finally I made an order on Colourpop, so in the next posts you can expect more reviews of their products. Today we will focus on the palette which may not have gained my special attention at first, but after thinking I decided to buy it and I totally don't regret it.

Colourpop website is like a candy shop, everything tempts you and you don't know what to choose. They have so much to choose from that is even overwhelms a little. I spent an hour thinking about Whatever, California Love or Sweet Talk because they are all so beautiful but I found that the shades of Whatever will best complement and correspond with my collection. When I was shopping, there was a -25%, so I don't wanted even wait until Black Friday, I was afraid that later most of the things I want will be sold out and I will wait for my order forever: D

Colourpop eyeshadow palette review

It has a beautifully made packaging with a rosy pattern and embossed name of the palette, it looks really pretty. Its size resembles the format of smaller Nabla palettes but doesn't have a mirror. It costs $18 for 11x 0.90g + 1x 1.45g and has 12 shades in 4 different finishes - mattes (7),  pressed glitter (1), super shock (1) and metallic (3).
Please keep in mind that some of them are not completely safe to use on the eyes and may cause staining. 

Colourpop Whatever

Colourpop Whatever Palette opinion

Until now, I only had one Colourpop Yes Please palette and I have to admit that Whatever eyeshadows quality is much better. They blend much easier, they don't patchy or dry and don't need to be built to make the pigment visible. The only thing I can complain about is that the shades Pink Slip and  Bad Guy  looks different in the pan than on the eyes, in the real they are brighter and much warmer.

They don't require too much effort to create a beautiful make-up. If you want to use Duh - glitter then is the best to apply it on a special primer / glue to stop from flaking off or fallout during the day. Supershock formula is mega buttery and soft, so the easiest way is to use your fingertip and tap eyeshadow directly onto the eyelid, if you have tendency to roll on eyeshadows during the day, is also worth applying them on the previously prepared by primer eyelid to be sure that makeup will last for hours.

This is a very nice palette for fans of warmer make-up, I definitely associate such colors with sunset or Christmas. If you have Yes Please palette in your collection then they will perfectly complement each other and you will get a lot of new options because they are rather limited in themselves as to the possibility of making various make-ups looks. Her biggest downside is having loose glitter, which probably I and most of you never will use, it's a shame that Colourpop has been pushing them everywhere despite of negative customer feedback. Instead of Duh or Ttyn it would be a lot better to have shade in a light peach or true gold.

All swatches are without primer
Colourpop the best warm palette swatches

Colourpop Whatever the best warm palette

Colourpop Whatever second row swatches

Overall, this is a good quality palette whose colors allow you to create beautiful evening and day make-ups. It's really hard to understand how Colourpop does that, gives us such a good product at low price whose design also pleases the eye. This is just my second palette but I can notice that they have improved their formula and are working even better. I will certainly reach for Whatever often and buy more of their palettes in the future.
If you order from the UK from now you don't have to pay additional customs fees at the post office, you pay once on the Colourpop website and that's it, so finally is profitable to import their cosmetics from America.

Colourpop Whatever similar to Yes Please?

Similar Eyeshadows in Both Palettes
Colourpop Whatever vs Yes Please swatches

Do you still wear such a warm shades or are you already bored with them?
Do you like Colourpop eyeshadows formula and of course let me know what you think about adding pressed glitter to palettes?


  1. Sound great! There are many choices of shades in a palette.

  2. I love Colourpop!!This palette is beautiful

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  5. So beautiful colors! Lovely palettes💗 Have a nice day💗

  6. I love Colourpop but I haven't tried their palettes yet. The swatches look incredible x


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  8. So great colours. Thanks for showing them. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  9. woww very high pigment and lovely color :))

  10. All the shades are so pretty! Loving the metallic ones.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  11. Jakie piękne kolory 😍
    Chyba sama kupię ta paletkę ,bo już mam kilka pomysłów jakbym się nią pomalowała ☺

  12. Sound great! These colors are so beautiful.


  13. I love all the warm tones. A very beautiful palette

  14. Tardy is such a pretty colour!


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