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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Nabla Dreamy Review And Swatches / Still Worth The Hype?

Nabla Dreamy Palette Review And SwatchesNabla Dreamy2 review

I have been thinking about buying this palette for a long time, but something else has always caught my attention more or I was waiting for the new Nabla launches which the review may potentially interesting you more, but my desire didn't want to gone at all. Finally there was a perfect opportunity to buy for the half price, so this time I could not resist.

I have this palette for around two months and when I was buying it, there was no information about new release Dreamy part 2. If I knew it, would I prefer to buy the new one? Probably not because I like this color selection a bit more and I found a really good price opportunity. Of course I'm not saying that the new Dreamy will never join to my collection, we will see what the future brings. 

Nabla Dreamy opinion
nabla new dreamy review

The Dreamy palette discussed today is probably the first thing that Nabla came out with and it was this what brought them popularity in 2017. Costs £32.50 for 11 g and contains 12 eyeshadows: 3 pearls, 4 metallic and 5 mattes.

The packaging is quite a thick cardboard of good quality in a starry pattern, it also has a large mirror. I must admit that both from the outside and inside looks really beautiful.

Nabla Dreamy are is still worth the hype

The formula of these eyeshadows is soft, not powdery and quite well pigmented. They are not as intense as the current pressed pigments, they need to be added few times, but also thanks to which they are easy at work. At the beginning I was a little scared of these pearls because I am not a fan of this type of eyeshadows but they give such a more metallic effect and they look really beautiful on the eyelids.

Metallic and pearls looks better applied wet but they don't require any special primer or glue. When it comes to mattes almost all of them blends nicely, create transitions and are not patchy, only with Dogma I have a small problem. This is the type of eyeshadow that looks nice until we start blending, then it looks quite dirty and mudy, in my opinion it is the worst shade in this palette.

The colors selection in this palette are very universal, feminine, kind of delicate on the first glance but also predatory and sexy. Such neutral shades will certainly suit a wide group of consumers with different types of beauty, only it seems to me that on very dark complexions most of these mattes will not be too visible. You can create a lot of such classic, daily and safe makeups. It will be a good option for beginners who are looking for something easy to work with and to have one stable palette for any occasion.

All Swatches Are Without Any Primer
nabla dreamy

nabla swatches

Nabla eyeshadow palette swatches

Nabla Dreamy swatches

Is Nabla Dreamy worth £32.50❔ According to me, yes and no. At the moment of her premiere probably yes, but currently on the market we can find similar eyeshadows for cheaper price. My favorite shade is surprisingly Inception and mainly because of him I will probably reach for this palette very often. Formula, pigmentation, etc. is fine but it is nothing that made on me wow😮 reaction. Absolutely not regretting that I bought this palette but I think that since 2017 the cosmetics industry has gone a lot ahead and in the era of all these duochromes, multichromes, different textures etc. you can now get something better at this price point.

 This is my 3rd palette from Nabla, so let me know if you would be interested in their ranking, swatches comparison etc.
Do you have this palette?
If yes, what do you think about Dreamy in comparison to current formulas?


  1. This palette sounds great. Thank you for your review.

  2. Yo tengo la Secret y tampoco es para echar cohetes, no está mal, pero tengo paletas mejores... Eso no quiere decir que no la vaya a explotar... jajaaj, muack

    1. I also have a Secret I rarely reach for her :( If I have Dreamy compared to Secret then Dreamy is better:**Regards

  3. I love the colors and pigmentation.

    1. Super, are you know this brand?:*Have a nice weekend!

  4. Yo tenía ganas de comprarla pero si creo que las hay mejores ahora mismo. bsts

    1. It's nice, I'm happy with this purchase but think are is not a better to buy a new Dreamy2 :) :**

  5. The swatches are really beautiful. Thanks for the review :)

    Have a nice weekend ♥


    "Health & Beauty"

    1. Great that you like it and have you seen this palette before? For you too love:**

  6. Bardzo podobają mi sie kolory paletki. Fajna ta paletka :)

    1. Są bardzo takie kobiece i użytkowe, fajnie że Ci się spodobała:**Dzięki za odwiedziny!

  7. Gdzieś słyszałam o tej palecie,ale nie miałam jej ☺
    Chyba muszę kupić ,bo kolorki sa przepiękne 😍💞

    1. Jakiś czas temu była megaaa popularna, teraz wyszła jej druga część, która być może jest jeszcze lepsza:D :**