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Thursday 30 January 2020

BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette Review & Swatches

BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette Review & Swatches
BPerfect  Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro

In December it was my birthday and Christmas thanks to which I got a lot of cosmetic gifts and one of them was this palette. I dreamed about her since release, the more I am glad that she is finally mine and I must admit that my fiance knows me really well: D.

This is my first contact with Bperfect while their palettes have very good reputation on the internet. The original Carnival published in 2018 brought the brand a lot of popularity and that's how I found out about their existence.,,BPerfect Cosmetics is a beauty brand that creates innovative beauty products that are on trend, forward thinking and unique. Started in Belfast in 2013, the brand was created by Brendan McDowell. Brendan aspired to create a range of cosmetics that were easy to use, versatile and created to change your cosmetic routine forever.'' Their cosmetics can be found in the UK only in drugstores and on their official website.

BPerfect Palette opinion

The Carnival XL palette contains 3 highlighters and 40 eyeshadows including 30 mattes, 1 topper and 8 shimmers. It has a really huge size and wide spectrum of colors, thanks to which it will be an ideal option if you want to have only one complete palette that will give you countless possibilities of various make-up but at the same time its downside is the difficulty of storage. Costs £42 for 62g ,so when you calculate cost £0.97 per one shade. Of course you can hunt for all kinds of discounts, promotional codes and buy it even cheaper. It also has a giant mirror in which is really easy to do a makeup.

Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette Review

BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival worth to buy?

When it comes to comparing the original version to XL, in my opinion the new palette is more profitable because it is only £2 more expensive and contains 16 more shades and 1 highlighter. In both palettes there are 9 repeated shades (Keen, Wasted, Pink Me, Lit, Funki, Shuffle, Basic, Foolish, Mood) which is a bit strange for me, Bperfect doesn't have in its assortment as many palettes to duplicate existing shades but maybe for someone else it's good to have a backups of favorite colors.

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro compared to the original Carnival
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These are definitely the weakest side of this palette and totally unnecessary. As for me, it would be much better to remove them and palette could be smaller and cheaper because their shades are simply be useless for many of us. A much better idea would be a more versatile champagne gold highlighter and for example blush because if I can use the first one then the others two are much too dark and have such a weird undertone. I even tried to use them as a bronzer topper but they also didn't work for this purpose, they can be used only as a eyeshadows. As for their formula, they give a visible glow but strongly emphasize the texture of the skin and looks not very elegant. They reminds me of the effect of very cheap highlighters.😐

BPerfect highlighter review and swatches


The mattes are richly pigmented and soft. When it comes to shimmers all depends on the shade, some are very metallic, shiny just beautiful for example: Inspire or Orchid but others like Valentine or Cargo are not that spectacular what you can even notice on swatches. As for the mattes, the only thing I can complain about is fact that some especially the darker ones look a little different on the eyelids than in the palette e.g Persuasion seemed to be dusty mauve but on the eye looks like a typical pink, which means that even if looks differently from Funki in reality they looks quite similar. Some shadows, especially those very intense ones can also cause eyelids staining but this is absolutely normal and often happens.

The formula of these eyeshadows is stunning, they don't fallout, they blend like a dream and are so effortless. We can create super-looking like difficult makeup in a few moments. Metallic can be used wet but if you applied by a finger they also works. This is a great palette for both advanced and beginners.

As the name XL indicates it is a gigantic palette, so obviously we have a lot of possibilities. I really like how shades are placed, if you don't have such visualization skills what to combine with which, then here the eyeshadows are sorted by color history and we have everything we need to create a blue, pink, brown, green look etc. It contains both crazy vibrant colors and browns, everyone will find something for themselves and we really don't need anything else because it is a fully complete palette. The only thing I miss a little bit is a lack of rich black. It would definitely go well with popping some shades and making a mega dark smoky eye. Of course, we can replace it by Lights Out, which is a mega dark ashy bronze. 

All Swatches Are Without Primer
To sum up my impressions about BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival XL, I think this is a sensational palette suitable for everyone. I love eye shadows and surprisingly since I got it as a gift, I don't even look at other palettes because it contains everything I need and I see a lot of similarities of shadows in others. If I was in situation that I could keep only one palette from my collection, I would choose this one because it has so many possibilities that you won't get bored so quickly. Will be nice if in the future they released such a daily version without crazy color only browns, golds, coppers, purples etc. I am absolutely in love!

What do you think about this palette?
Have you bought or planning to buy?


  1. This is a gorgeous palette, I really love the bold and daring colours :-D

    1. I am very pleased to hear that you like it. Thank you for visiting my blog:**!

  2. Spóźnione życzenia urodzinowe 😘
    Wiele dobrego słyszałam o tych paletach ,i zgadzam się z Tobą że same cienie w zupełności ,by wystarczyły

    1. Dziękuję kochana:** Jak dla mnie paleta jest naprawdę warta swojej ceny i zakupu, cudo:D :**Również pozdrawiam!

  3. Świetna paletka kolorów :) dobra np. na walentynki :P

  4. Ooo thank you very much and of course I'll visit your blog !!: **

  5. Thanks for the super rundown on the comparison of the two palettes! I have the first one, and was hoping the second one would have more neutrals- not the case. I would have liked to see some warm and cool gray. I also think with a palette that big, they could have ousted a few of the bright shades and replaced them with some basic browns with varying undertones. I'm actually really disappointed in it because I absolutely love the formula of the first one.

    1. I totally see your point of view, if I had the first part I would also be disappointed. In fact, if you having one of them, you doesn't need a second one because they have similar vibe. We will see what they will release on this year, maybe something more neutral. Thanks for visiting my blog:***

  6. I think that this kind of pallet is absolutely new for me and I am about to give it a try! I hope that my attempt to use it will not be in vain!

    1. I think you won't regret this purchase, it's a really great quality palette :):**