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Monday, 11 May 2020

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette Review & Swatches

Natasha Denona Face Palette
Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette  Review & Swatches

I don't have too many face palettes, the more I enjoyed this luxury gift and of course the fact that it is Natasha Denona😁.
Let's find out if this face product formula is also wonderful and worth the higher price tah the same like eyeshadows and how is works compared to Mini Bronze & Glow.

Palette Tan Bronze & Glow I got as you probably know from my fiance on Valentine's Day, so it's been a long time since I started testing it. Costs £51 for 13.7 g and contains: 
  • Glow Cream Base (Cream Highlighter; enriched with crushed Mineral Pearls, the Cream Base melts luxuriously into the skin to form the ideal canvas for powder highlighter and bronzer. The creamy texture makes building product up quick and easy, without settling into the pores or looking overly glittery. Use as a primer for powder highlighter and bronzer, or alone for a rich, subtle warmth. The cream comes in a versatile nude, peachy tone.) , 
  • Super Glow (Highlighting Powder; Create skin that gleams like pristine glass, with the ultimate 3D shine. Infused with crushed Mineral Pearls and Chroma Crystals, the gentle light bronze powder can be applied smoothly on top of the Glow Cream Base, leaving a dewy, sun-kissed luminosity.), 
  • Glow Impact Powder (Highlighting Powder; Pump up the volume with the metallic formula within the powder, designed to leave a photo-ready finish; even in HD. The nude prosecco tone makes the shade wearable for all skin tones, and can be applied anywhere you would like to shine a little brighter than before.), 
  • Blush and Bronze Powder (Blusher & Bronzer; Hydra-boosting technology within the powder allows makeup to melt into the skin flawlessly, without leaving residue or product build-up that dries up the skin. A neutral brown tone and a rich, silky texture means the powder is easily blendable and buildable.)

It is well made and thought out. The packaging has an additional plastic transparent separator separating the creamy product from the rest thanks to which no particles get inside, dirt or bacterias which is a very convenient solution and gives a more expensive, lux look. Certainly Huda in her The New Nude palette should separate the concealer in a similar way.

Natasha Denona Face Palette

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow review

Glow Cream Base

The first insert in the palette is a creamy highlighter that can also be used as a base / topper  to give the highlighter or bronzer even more pop and glow. On lighter complexions such as mine it is visible in itself and gives the effect of a wet, healthy cheek, looks really beautiful but is quite dark shade. The easiest way to apply is by your fingers or sponge, so I would advise to disinfect it after use. On a very pale complexions this shade will be cut off too much, this is not a palette created for a fair skin which may be suggested by the name Tan. Lasts all day and beautifully combines with both powder and cream cosmetics. I really liked this formula, I will reach for this highlighter regularly, especially in the summer.

Blush and Bronze Powder

To be honest I was expecting something different. It is quite powdery in consistency, you have to be careful during application because can be patchy and difficult to blend, but when you find the best technique then can looks nice. Definitely works best applied by fluffy brush. The shade may be suitable for people with lighter complexions but not so pale / porcelain, but the most useful will be for such medium / olive because will be suitable as a bronzer or blush, but on dark ones will not be visible at all. As for me, much better and easier at work bronzers can be bought for only few pennies in a drugstore, so this is not the strongest site of this palette. According to the manufacturer's description can be used also as a blush but I feel better in more peach tones.


I already had Natasha's highlighter formula in the Mini Bronze and Glow palette, so I wasn't surprised that it's great. The first shade is definitely too dark for me and even when I will be more tan in the summer still will be, so I can use it only as an eye shadow or brozner topper and looks great. The second one is much more suitable for a lighter complexion and gives the effect of perfectly blended into skin glow without particles. Beautifully combines with the skin and you can't see such a powder layer at all or texture. You can achieved a both gentle and very visible glow. Nice highlighter with a nice universal champagne gold shade.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette swatches

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette vs Bronze & Glow swatches Mini

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow vs mini Bronze & Glow

To sum up, I am extremely happy with such a beautiful gift, however, if I am to be honest with my complexion and formulas the Mini Bronze & Glow I like a lot more and I can more recommend. The downside is also the fact that I noticed that in every photo online in the stores this shades looks different, once they are very dark and once they seems also suitable for light complexions what can be very misleading. It should definitely have, the same like also the rest of Natasha's face palettes other color variants to choose from because this one is best suitable for medium skin.

Have you ever tried Natasha's face / cheeks palettes?
What are your favorite palettes containing highlighters and bronzers?


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  3. Ooh it's really pretty although I am quite fair skinned. I'd probably try wearing the glow Impact Powder though.

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

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    Great post. This palette looks so beautiful <3 =)

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