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Sunday, 16 August 2020

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Electric Cake Liners Review & Swatches

Norvina Electric Cake Liners, Worth To Pick Up?!
Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Electric Cake Liners Review & Swatches

Water-activating eyeliners are the summer 2020 hit that in a some way initiated by Anastasia Beverly Hills cake liners. As soon as I saw these crazy colors I knew I had to buy one of them and maybe develop my skills in graphic lines.
 It took me a long time to add this review, mainly because of the make-ups but finally is here😊.

Wow, I have again some ABH review, I am recently surprised with my purchases🛒. Initially, I didn't plan to buy this eyeliner trio, it seemed quite expensive to me, but instead of £31, I paid £26 with a code for -15% , so for 1 products around £8.50, seems not that bad. For comparison, similar eyeliners like Suva Beauty cost £12.50 and Colourpops in pots $7, so they are not that expensive. Currently there are only two color versions available Neon or Electric and to be honest I was more interested in this yellow, green and red one but it was sold out so fast that I took what was available hehe.

ABH Cake Liners Review & Swatches

They have become quite popular for the last weeks, I see makeup with them everywhere or reviews, so I sure that they will release new colors in the future. The packaging is similar to the iconic Melt Cosmetics stacks, they are connected to each other and all you need to do is pull out the one you want to use. Thanks to this, they don't take up a lot of space, which is especially important for people working on clients, but in my opinion they should also be sold as separate refills, because what if we used up a favorite shade ?! We will have one empty attached to others all the time and to have this shade in your collection again you will have to buy all three what is not very practical. Maybe if they were connected by a magnet, it would make more sense and could be easly changed to duos or singles. Shades in Electric are all UV glowing in the dark which will surely be a nice effect at a party or some festival. In the Neon stack only orange has the same UV properties due to the formulation as Norvina herself explained in the promotional video. I don't care so much about UV effect, that's why its doesn't boders me. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Electric Cake Liners orange

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Electric Cake Liners white

the best purple eyeliner on the market

Norvina Electric Cake Liners Stack Neon swatches

They have a water activates formula, which means that you just need to moisten the brush by water or setting spray / fixer and let your creativity run wild. To get saturated color to be and nice pay off, remember that it should be damp not wet :). This is the formula that like said Norvina they worked on really long and the only way that the eyeliner wouldn't dry out over the time and still be good to use. Certainly, each of us encountered this phenomenon earlier with creamy shadows, pomades or eyeliners, that despite the fact that the jar was tightly closed after some time, the only way to revive it was for example a drop of Duaraline, while the hydroactive formula is not a cream but more like pressed eyeshadow so it doesn't dry out :).

ABH colorful water activated eyeliners review

When it comes to pigmentation, white is a bit different from the rest, you have to add it several times to don't have a gaps, but it is still much better and easier to use than Colourpop Exit, with orange and purple I had no such problems, two layers are enough. They dry quite quickly but if after some time we want to add another layer, they doesn't looks cakey or crumbly which is also a big plus. They don't crack during the day and don't lose intensity. I also tried to mix purple with white to get a pink shade, but it didn't look good, so it's unsuitable for this purpose. Only as I mentioned before, white is not as smooth as I would like to be. I also tried to use them on the waterline, but they smeared too much and gave a feeling of discomfort, so I will never use them there again.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Electric Cake Liners makeup looks

Both orange and purple don't stain the eyelid and they are all easily cleaned off by make-up remover oil. I also noticed that it is quite difficult to apply false eyelashes if you done line by this trio, so is definitely a minus of this formula and something that should be kept in mind. I have seen opinions about Electric that it has an ugly fishy smell, but its not a case in this color variant. Of course, if you want to do a precise job with them, you should use very thin brushes, if you are looking for a budget option then I highly recommend nail art sets. They are perfectly small and cost pennies on Ebay or Amazon.

Cake Liners review

Overall, I am satisfied with this trio but it's not a cosmetic that stands out so much. I will not lie myself, I will probably not use it every day and just for makeup on my blog or Insta. Currently, there are so many water-activating eyeliners on the market and they are still coming out, so if you are looking for a cheaper dupe or don't want to support Anastasia Beverly Hills then you will definitely replace this trio by something else. Barry M latest neon collection also contains four such eyeliners from which I have already bought pink, so I will let you know in future posts whether it is equally good in quality.

What do you think about this packaging and the water activating formula?
What is your newest cosmetic from ABH, do you like this brand?


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  5. Gorgeous and bold colours :-D Amazing eye makeup :-D

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