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Sunday, 15 November 2020

*Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette Review & Swatches

Jolie Beauty Glitter Palette 
Jolie Beauty Glitter Palette

The Christmas and New Year period is just on the corner, in which like every year, glitter will be of course dominate! The Bomb Dot Com palette about which we will discuss today perfectly fits to these trends and allows for a lot of colorful fun.

Today's palette comes from the brand Jolie Beauty which was created by experienced make-up artists that have in their career, worked with some of the biggest names such as Mac, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Sephora, Illamasqua and more! Their product range includes not only palettes but also eyelashes, brow pomade, loose pigments, eyeliner, sponges, skin products with 24k gold, self tanning cosmetics, hand sanitiser, blushes, bronzers, contour palette, makeup brushes, highlighters, matte lipsticks, glitters, face and hair jewels, brush cleanser and lot of sets. They are located in the UK but ship also their cosmetics to other countries at very affordable shipping prices. My palette was already with me in Poland within 7 days, so very fast.
The Bomb Dot Com palette reviewed today has 24 pressed glitters, including 4 with a duo / multi chrome finish. Cost £27.99 for 19.2g but they often have all kinds of offers thanks to which you can save a lot.
The packaging is in a shade of gold with reflective particles. It looks very exclusive, definitely more expensive than it is in reality. Also has a large mirror in which is easy to make makeup and a slip-on pouch with the same design that protects the palette. Additionally, is vegan and cruelty free.

Bomb Dot Com review and swatches

uk glitter palette

If this color version is too crazy and colorful for you, but you are looking for such good quality glitter palette then Jolie Beauty also has in their offer Youre On Fleek with has much more subdued and "daily appropriate" color story.

Jolie Beauty glitter palettes

These are pressed eyeshadows with the formula of finely ground glitter, so they have no pigment. From myself I can add that they do not cause irritation or discomfort.

The simplest and most effective method is of course prepared the eyelid first by a special glitter or eyelash glue. Then tap tap the desired color by a finger or a synthetic brush. Shades, such as :Princess, Infinity and Firefly they don't have their own "color", their aim purpose is the duo / multichrome effect, that's why the best is to use them onto eyeshadow of any formula.

As like in the case of pigmentation, it's a palette with only glitters, so of course they don't lose their shine or intensity with the longer wearing time. When it comes to the most troublemaker aspect in the case of glitter namely fallout then, if you use good glue and apply in the correct way then the particles don't spread on the rest of the face.

Glitter looks phenomenal but of course it all depends on what style we prefer. You can cool down it only in the form of an eyeliner line or other smaller element, but of course is still a spectacular, eye-catching makeup that is far from natural. This palette has all the colors of the rainbow, so there are many possibilities to create a mega creative madness.

All Swatches Are Applied On Nyx Glitter Glue
Bomb Dot Com palette

the best multichrome glitters

Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette

To sum up, it is a really nice palette especially for people who like to share their looks on Instagram, YouTube or other social medias or for not too advanced, but often going on some festivals, events, etc. because glitters always give a wow effect and are not so demanding at work. Of course, from the Bomb Dot Com palette, my favorite shadows are this unique ones that reflects in different colors and even because of them is worth purchase the whole palette! If you are curious what make-up can be created by using glitter, then soon will be a separate post with inspirations, so please stay tuned 😁😁

Do you like to use glitter in makeup?
Have you heard about the Jolie Beauty before?

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