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Wednesday 2 December 2020

Nyx Born To Glow Foundation Review & Swatches

Nyx Born To Glow Foundation
NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation

I think it's been centuries since I was buying something from Nyx. This is definitely not the brand of my first choice and I don't follow their new launches, but this foundation seemed for some reason interesting. If you have also considered buying it but you are not sure if will be suitable for your skin type, definitely check out this review.

From Producer

Discover a dewy luminosity with the NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation. Available in an inclusive shade range, the foundation delivers medium coverage and a naturally radiant finish for a skin-like effect. Blending seamlessly, the vegan formula flatters all complexions, creating a smooth finish and even tone. Dial up your glow with this stunning formula.

Nyx Born To Glow review

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

Convenient packaging in the form of a squeezable tube
45 shades
Good medium coverage
Looks natural and pretty
Doesn't emphasize the visibility of texture or pores
Light and comfortable on the skin
Doesn't contain illuminating particles like many other foundations, which makes it look more natural
Fast and easy to apply
Pores looks smoother
Doesn't look cakey even after many hours

Gathers gently into the mimic or expression lines / wrinkles, but it is easy to remove excess, is very plastic
Is not as illuminating as the name ,,glow'' might suggest

Requires using mattifying powder
Is not transfer proof
Emphasizes the visibility of the face hair
A slightly higher regular price for a drugstore foundation compared to Rimmel or Revolution - £10
This is not the effect of glass skin, but skin that shines more from sebum
Clinging to dry patches

NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation swatches

NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation shade light

nyx born to glow swatches and review

Summary : 4.1 / 6

Sum up, Nyx Born To Glow is a foundation that looks nice but in my opinion it is a typical drugstore effect if you know what I mean. Is not a luxurious experience and is quite easy to replace by other products. I wouldn't recommend it for oily and problematic skin because definitely gives too much sweaty look and then all imperfections are a bit more emphasized. I will used it up in the current winter period because when I wore him in the summer it was too much for my combination complexion, but I won't buy it again. Soon there will also appear a review of the concealer from the same line, so I strongly encourage you to follow my blog.

Have you tried this foundation?
Do you like cosmetics from Nyx?



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  3. Hi!
    Nyx is one of my favorite makeup brands, I own so much of their stuff, the foundation one, I haven't tried though.

    1. It's ok but you can buy something better for this price :(😘😘

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  7. Podkladu nie miałam ,ale z tej serii Nyxa miałam korektor i był on kiepski , zresztą tak jak ten podkład (wnioskuję to z Twojej recenzji)

    1. Podkład nie jest może kiepski ale taki średniaczek:( Korektor faktycznie nie jest najlepszy niestety 😘😘

  8. Love it! Glow seems to be the new catch phrase this year too!