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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette Review & Swatches

 Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette
Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette  Review & Swatches

Palettes in cool tones, to my joy last year you could often see among the new launches of beauty brands. It's a color scheme in which I feel very good, which I have an impression that complements my natural beauty much better and despite this, I have a shortage of just cool palettes in my collection. The more I was happy when Venus Immortalis I got as a gift.
 Last Christmas I got so many cosmetics that I will be writing probably their reviews until April hehe.

Lime Crime is a brand founded by makeup visionary Doe Deere in 2008. Their mission is to create products and experiences that transport customer to a magical world where you can express yourself unapologetically, experiment with every color of the rainbow and escape from looking like everyone else. Currently, they distribute make-up cosmetics and hair coloring. It's definitely gaining the greatest popularity on the American market, in Europe despite the fact that their cosmetics can be bought in well-known drugstores such as Sephora, I have the impression that many people who are even interesting about beauty have never heard of them. I have been keeping an eye on their eyeshadow palettes for a long time, but unfortunately they are not the cheapest. Lime Crime Venus Immortalis costs £35 for 12.88g and contains eight eyeshadows:
  • Unseen: Black (matte)
  • Echo: Gunmetal silver (foil)
  • Moth: Shimmer gray with baby pink shift (metallic) (truly more satin)
  • Marble: Shimmer white (sheer iridescent)
  • Unveil: Black-brown (matte)
  • Ash: Slate gray (matte)
  • Hail: Light silver (foil)
  • Cameo: Cool cream (matte)

Lime Crime Venus palette review

The packaging caught the eye, of course because of an interesting graphic design (quite specific for the Lime Crime brand), but unfortunately it is made of cardboard, so over the time, I am afraid that it will start to wear out and it will not look so nice anymore. It has a large mirror inside. Comes to us in an additional transparent plastic cover, which is very wonky for me. However, when you buying even much cheaper palettes for example from Colourpop, we get a corresponding graphic etuiu and here for £35 something like this.. They didn't try too much and it looks very cheap.

This eyeshadows have a really nice, soft formula. They are well-pigmented, especially the white one Marble deserves a distinction because it doesn't need to be specially built to make it immediately visible on the eyelids.

These eyeshadows are applied very quickly and easily. It is not a palette that requires advanced skills or experience. Foils and satins with shimmer reflects are much better to apply by your fingers.

These colors allow you to create both day and evening makeup thanks to the content of these beautiful browns, but the possibilities are quite limited. The palette has only eight shades, so this is quite normal. The only thing I miss in it are different finishes and I would definitely replace those satins (shade Moth) into the eye-catching metallic or even mattes, because it's not my favorite type of shadows. Such a finish is old-fashioned for me and I don't understand why the manufacturer chose it in his new collections. Some shades such as Cameo, Moth and Marble will not be visible on dark complexions and I would rather recommend this palette to lighter, pale skins to fully enjoy her possibilities. 

All Swatches Are Without Primer
Lime Crime Venus Immortalis swatches

Lime Crime mini Venus

To sum up it's a nice palette, especially for fans of cool tones and fair complexions. Especially worth attention are those pretty browns that match nicely to all mattes. Is it an absolute must have? Definitely no, this palette hasn't changed in any way my make-up life, but I am really glad that I have it. I would love to buy a other Lime Crime palette in the future.

Have you ever had Lime Crime eyeshadows?
What's your favorite cool tone palette?


  1. Son unos colores preciosos ¡me encanta esta paleta! ¡Besos mil!

  2. What a pretty palette! I would use all of these shades!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Great palette, it is awesome to discover a product that has eyeshadows for both a day and an evening makeup. I like especially the colors ash, moth and echo and from what I can see in your swatches, the pigmentation is very nice.

  4. Beautiful palet!! I love it!
    I just following your blog :D
    a greeting

  5. Very amazing palette!
    My favorite shadow is Unveil
    Kisses ♥

  6. Wonderful post. Love the colors!

  7. ¡Hey! Everything looks very aesthetic and pretty. Hope you enjoy using it. 💛

  8. Love this palette <3
    Thanks for share


  9. What a gorgeous palette! I'm not much of a cool tone girl but these shades are absolutely stunning and I can pull off some of it xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

  10. Se ven genial los colores con muy lindos. Te mando un beso

  11. Nice palette. I really like three of the marble and echo.

  12. Love these pallete..
    So natural so smooth colour..
    Beautiful choice..
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a nice week

  13. Luxurious palette and a wonderful selection of shades in it!

  14. Nie słyszałam wcześniej o niej ,ale kolorki są przepiękne 😍
    Opakowanie tez bardzo ładne jest 😍

  15. Ale świetne opakowanie, kolorki też fajne 😊

  16. Colors are Great! They are so natural.

  17. wow...this packaging of lime crime is so beautiful with that woman pict...

    and about the shade, i like the dark colour,such as marble and unseen ^_^

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    Looks like these colors are perfect for the smokey eyes style.

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