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Friday 7 July 2017

Holika Holika Sheet Mask

Today I would like to write a few words about the mask - Holika Holika
Pure Essence Mask Sheet Rice .  
Holika Holika Sheet Mask

Manufacturer's description 
A brightening sheet mask.
Lightening dark spots, Pure Essence Mask Sheet Rice brightens the complexion and fights pigmentation. Suitable for sensitive skin, the nourishing sheet mask soaks the skin with gentle, moisturising ingredients for increased elasticity and smoothness with reduced irritation. 
My opinion
Really cool mask ! Skin after use was hydrated, smooth and tighten thwidened pores. I have visible pores in the nose area so for me perfect effect :). While using it I felt delicate tingling but it was not painful or uncomfortable. I did not notice brighten but maybe it would be necessary to use this mask more times we will see. There is a lot of essence in this sachet so you can use it twice. I will definitely buy this mask again and maybe even try more this brand ! 

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