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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Makeup Geek Review Swatches

mug eyeshadows

Brand Makeup Geek created by Marlena Stell an american blogger. The brand's offer is very big : Contour Powder Pans, Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Blush Pans, Highlighters, Pigments, Brushes and many others. Today we focus on reviewing their eyeshadows !:)  

There are three different types of eyeshadows :

  • Duochrome                                      Link
  • Foiled                                               Link
  • Standard -Matte or perl finish          Link

About them

We buy them in single inserts which have a standard dimension matching to empty pallets for example Z Palette or  Morphe . You can compose your unique, favorite collections whitout colors in the finished pallets which we never use. They cost £4.95 standard, £4.95 duochrome and £7.95 foiled for 1.8 g of the product but the price is changing often so worth  waiting for sale! 

My opinion

  • Product 
They are at an affordable price compared to quality,a large range of colors and finishes so everyone will find something for himself
  • Pigmentation 
Most of the shadows I have are super amazing pigmented !! Some are less <you need more to apply for a brush> but still visible on the eye
  • Texture 
Very  soft, buttery, without dustiness
  • Longevity 
Can stay without correction even 12h based on concealer, after this time slightly start to roll but not terribly
  • Application 
Very easy to blending even for a person without experience, It doesn't make patches 

Swatches without a base!
mug in the spotlight

in the spotlight mug swatch

show time makeup geek

show time mug swatch

limelight  makeup geek

limelight  mug swatch

sorcery makeup geek

sorcery mug swatch

foilled mug makeup geek swatches

blacklight makeup geek

blacklight mug swatch

karma makeup geek

karma mug swatch

havoc makeup geek

havoc mug swatch

havoc karma blacklight

shimma shimma makeup geek

chickadee makeup geek

chickadee mug swatch

cremee brule makeup geek

creme brulee mug swatch

barcelona beach  makeup geek

barcelona beach  mug swatch

mug swatches makeup geek

drama queen makeup geek

drama queen mug swatch

sensuous makeup geek

sensuous mug swatch

cupcake makeup geek

cupcake mug swatch

petal pusher makeup geek

petal pusher mug swatch

mug swatches makeup geek

friend zone makeup geek

friend zone mug swatch

unexpected makeup geek

unexpected mug swatch

mug swatches makeup geek

frappe makeup geek

frappe mug swatch

lucky penny mug

lucky penny mug swatch

cocoa bear mug

cocoa bear makeup geek swatch

cherry cola mug

cherry cola makeup geek swatch

mug makeup geek swatches

For me these eyeshadows are absolutely the best! I used other brands more cheap or more expensive and never found better shadows than these. I still have a place in the pallet for 6 new so If you have any favorite shades which I don't have please write below!:)

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